10 Famous Health Myths

Written by Pliro
Sep 11, 2017 Last updated: Sep 11, 2017

Every year, a new health fad becomes the norm for everyone to follow. Whether it’s a high protein diet, a gluten free meal, or a new workout routine guaranteed to shed those extra pounds, it is followed like crazy. Surprisingly, very few people actually bother to do any research before bringing about these absurd new lifestyle changes every four months. Therefore, here are some of the most famous health myths debunked for all those who value reason over fiction.

Myth: Eggs Cause Heart Diseases


Eggs have always been a food in question, believed to be leading to various diseases and health problems. However, eggs are a complete meal full of protein and healthy nutrients. Furthermore, they even have good fats like omega-3s which actually lower heart disease risks.

Myth: Yoga Only Relaxes and Doesn’t Burn Calories


Yoga involves a lot of stretching and meditating, which is why it helps one relax. However, according to an ACE study, : a 50-minute power yoga can burn 237 calories. It may not burn as much as cardio, but the breathing exercises help one control the body. Therefore, energy is required, which results in calories being burnt.

Myth: Coffee Causes Heart Disease and Ulcers


Research shows that having coffee in moderation does not cause any major harm to the body. In fact, black coffee helps to keep weight in check. Furthermore, ulcers are not caused by coffee. They are caused by a certain bacteria which is treatable by antibiotics.

Myth: Feed a Cold, Starve a Fever


The only time when it is good to avoid eating is on an upset stomach. However, fever causes fatigue and weakness. For this, it is essential that you consume healthy nutrients and healing foods, especially chicken soup.

Myth: Stress Turns Your Hair Grey


Grey hair is mostly linked to genetics. Some people have more white hair than average since a very young age, without any significant stress in their lives. Stress usually causes excessive hair loss, thinning or shredding, because it makes hair quality weaker.

Myth: Teeth Should be Brushed After Every Meal


Teeth should be brushed at least an hour after food is consumed. This is because the enamel on the tooth is the most vulnerable after a meal, due to the acidic environment created by breaking down food. Brushing right after a meal could strip teeth of the protective enamel. However, it is true that teeth should be brushed as often as possible, with a minimum being twice in 24 hours.

Myth: Cold Weather Give You a Cold


Interestingly, the weather does not have much to do with the cold. Seems logical for one to catch a cold out in the cold. However, the opposite is true. Because of the temperature outside, most people tend to stay indoors. Due to this, viruses that accumulate because of people being in constant close proximity with one another, are the leading cause of colds. In Pakistan however, a lot of it has to do not with the weather, but with the general pollution in the air.

Myth: Shaving Makes Hair Grow Back Faster


Shaving neither makes hair grow back faster, nor does it make it any thicker. The speed of when they originally started to appear cannot really be determined as such. Furthermore, thickness is related to how they are shaved. When the tapered ends are removed, the hair seems thicker and healthier. It is the same reason why trimming is recommended every few months, since it gives the illusion of healthier hair.

Myth: Cracking Knuckles Causes Arthritis


There are many cases of people dealing with arthritis in various parts of their bodies, including hands and fingers. However, according to a study by the University of Alberta, arthritis is not linked to cracking knuckles. When knuckles are cracked, muscle joints are pulled apart. This forms a small gas cavity, making a popping sound when it is collapsed.

Myth: Humans Use Only 10% of Our Brains


This popular concept is used in movies even today, including Lucy, starring Scarlet Johansson. In this movie, Lucy uses more than 10% of her brain and develops sharper reflexes and even the ability to control time. However, according to new research, each part of the brain has a specific role to play. Furthermore, this explains how brain injury is a serious problem and can damage brain functioning entirely.

In conclusion, many times myths are created due to experiences, but they have no scientific backing. Each individual’s body and health is unique, which is why not everything you hear is applicable to you.