10 Hair Transplant Myths in Pakistan

Written by Pliro
Oct 2, 2017 Last updated: Oct 3, 2017

Those of us who are lucky enough to be Pakistani know that beauty is one thing Pakistan prides itself on. However, it also seeps to the superficial side, where not being beautiful means not being good enough. Hair transplant is one such phenomenon, which is thought to be a given as soon as someone, particularly a man, starts to lose his hair. Yes, this is one aspect where men are targeted more than women on their looks. Naturally, with hair transplant being such a major course of option, there are plenty of myths which go along with it also. Here are some of the myths associated with hair transplant in Pakistan.

Myth: Hair Transplant Works Best at a Young Age


People believe that hair transplant should be taken place as soon as signs of a receding hairline start to become visible. They believe that it is best to do it as quickly as possible to make it permanent and avoid complications in the future. However, it is actually better to do it when you are slightly older. This is because when you are young, you still have hair in places where it may not be after a few years. Therefore, transplant is not reliable since hair fall at that age is unpredictable.

Myth: Try Transplant on a Small Section of the Scalp If You are Unsure


Hair transplant is a proper surgical procedure which cannot take place on a portion of the scalp first and then more later. Furthermore, it is a permanent procedure, which means there is no going back once it is done. Therefore, the decision is to either have a complete transplant or none at all. There is no in between.

Myth: Hats Cause Hair loss


Keeping the head tightly covered may very rarely cause a slight recession in the hairline. However, there are several reasons for hair loss. The most common and basic reason is genetics. Often, people with incredibly thick and healthy looking hair become victims of hair loss, whereas those with thin hair have a scalp full of them even in their sixties or seventies. Furthermore, diet, atmosphere and water also have an effect on hair.

Myth: Hair Transplant is Not Allowed in Islam


Of course, this, being a matter of religion, is a delicate topic. In Islam, wigs are generally discouraged, and some might even argue that they are not allowed whatsoever. However, according to religious scholars, several a’hadees confirm that there is nothing wrong with hair transplant. This is because the hair follicles are moved from one place and shifted to another. Therefore, the creation of Allah is not being tampered with, but a fault is merely being corrected.

Myth: You Will Look Like a Changed Person Right After a Transplant


Again, hair transplant is a proper surgical procedure. That means that it takes time for the effects to have a visual impact and for a major difference to be noticeable. The hair is real, which is why it will grow at the same pace as the hair you already had. However, when it does grow back, it will look natural.

Myth: Transplants Look Fake


If you get your transplant from a reliable clinic and surgeon, there is no way that a transplant could look fake. Each hair is angled and leveled in the scalp according to the natural hair pattern. Furthermore, the hair grows naturally and at the same pace as the rest of the hair. Therefore, just as mentioned above, once it does come, it looks natural.

Myth: Hair Loss is Inherited From the Mother’s Side


Saying that baldness comes from the mother’s side, is the same as saying that all children look like their mothers. Hair genes, like all other genes, can come from either side of the family. Furthermore, sometimes both parents may have a scalp full of hair but their child might grow up to be bald or experience excessive hair loss. Therefore, the odds are equal in each case.

Myth: Grey Hair Should Consciously be Pulled Out


If grey hair bothers you, then a better solution is to dye them once in a while with organic dyes. One or two grey hairs can even be plucked out without causing significant damage. However, repeatedly plucking out hairs from the same area may damage the roots and disable hair from growing at all. This is the same reason why eyebrows are plucked, so that over time the stop growing on their own.

Myth: Hair Loss Can be Prevented Naturally


Some people believe that oiling or taking good care of hair can prevent hair loss. It may help make your hair healthier, but those destined to become bald cannot dodge it, especially in the case of men. The process of  miniaturization causes hair loss, whereby hair follicles grow for shorter periods of time, making hair weak and small. Certain medication may delay hair loss by a few years, but it is inevitable when it has to happen.

Myth: Someone Else’s Hair Can be Used For Your Transplant


Your hair grows according to your body and your own scalp. Foreign hair follicles will be rejected by your body, and would never be able to grow naturally. Foreign hair may only be used for wigs or extensions. Therefore, if you are completely bald, then unfortunately hair transplant might not be an option for you.

All in all, do not be encouraged or discouraged by myths that you hear from people around you. Do your research and make your decision. After that, the job of others is only to support you in whatever makes you happy.