10 Hot Tips to Stay Cool this Summer

Written by Pliro
Jun 20, 2016 Last updated: Mar 27, 2019

Enjoying the sizzling heat in Pakistan? We didn’t think so either. The heat is not only detrimental for your skin but also for your overall health. Ever felt more tired during the day than you usually are? And fasting doesn’t make it any easier, does it?
So here are some tips for you to keep your health on track this summer:

  1. Ventilate Properly:

    Make sure that the fan is on during the day so that the air keeps circulating, but keep the windows and doors closed, whether you’re in your home or at your office. Don’t let the hot air from outside come in your house.

  2. Keep a wet towel with you:

    Soak your feet in buckets full of water. Try that at the office today. Or keep a wet towel with you all the time and place it on your seat in case you can’t take a shower every now and then.

  3. Head downstairs:

    Do you know the upper stories of a home will always be warmer than the ground floor in summers because hot air by its nature has to rise upwards? So go downstairs and let yourself breathe.

  4. Eliminate extra sources of heat:

    Turn off extra appliances, tube lights and light bulbs. They generate extra heat and increase the overall room temperature. It’s always better to use an energy saver to prevent extra heat generation.

  5. Hydrate yourself:

    This cannot be stressed enough. And considering that it’s Ramadan these days, drink enough at Iftari and Sehri so that you don’t fall weak.

  6. Avoid caffeine:

    Caffeine can act as diuretics and lead to dehydration. Cut it off in this blistering heat altogether.

  7. Wear light-colored clothes:

    Wear light-colored cotton clothes. Cotton is known to absorb sweat and its evaporation leads you to feel cooler. And the light colors are known to reflect the sun’s radiation, hence will make you survive the heat.

  8. Keep doing wudhu:

    Run your wrists under cold tap water for five seconds after every couple of hours. This is because a main vein passes through this area and the water helps cool the blood. More reasons for you to go do wudhu for prayer.

  9. Use Aloe Vera:

    Use a cooling aloe vera after-sun product instead of a moisturizer to cool off your skin.

  10. Eat Spicy Food:

    Yes you heard it right. You should eat your favorite spicy chicken karahis and biryanis in the summers becausthe spices in these foods stimulate heat receptors in your mouth, increase circulation and cause sweating, leading the body to cool down.

So here’s what we think you should do. If you think you’ve got a tip to share with us, please share a comment with us. Or visit a nutritionist for better health tips.