Written by Pliro
Feb 13, 2017 Last updated: Mar 29, 2019

A doctor’s job does not depend on just the skill level and educational background anymore. Being a doctor, it is crucial that you create an identity for yourself in order to increase your clientele. Let us look at 10 marketing tips for doctors that they can use to do this.

Build a Patient-Doctor Relationship

A company is successful because of its clients. This is one of the most basic and fundamental rules that all doctors need to know. You may be great at what you do, but without connecting with your patient on a personal level, you may never be able to keep them as a regular client. Patients do not just look for treatment. In fact, they seek compassion, care and friendly advice so that they can go back with elevated hope and reassurance regarding their health.

Be Accessible to Your Clients

It is not enough for patients that you send a nurse or assistant to check up on them. Each and every check up requires you to be there so that maximum customer satisfaction is achieved. This helps develop trust, and a sense that you genuinely care about the patients. If you yourself are not present, it may seem as though you are not interested in the well-being of an unwell person. However, if you find it hard to make time for each visit, then make yourself available elsewhere. This can be done by giving the patients a contact number or email address whereby they can contact you whenever they like.

Create a Brand Name

The first step of marketing is to create a brand name for yourself. This could be your own name, or a name inspired by someone or something else. In any case, make sure that it is something that patients can associate with you. Brand identity includes a name, a workplace and contact information. You can do this by creating websites, logos, as well as social media accounts. This is the best way for you to create an identity and make you stand out. Think of “brand” and “reputation” as nearly interchangeable marketing ideas. This statement proves that without a brand name, people won’t be aware of you or your skills.

Promote Your Brand Through Social Media

In addition, do not underestimate the power of social media. Social media comes equipped with essential marketing tools. These are swiftness in spreading information as well as finding followers to endorse your brand. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat are among the most popularly visited social media sites. If you want to stay ahead of competition, marketing yourself on these forums is vital.

Delegate Work to a Trained Staff

Delegating work will take care of a major chunk of your daily load, and will allow you to entertain more patients. Furthermore, make sure that your staff is well trained and up to the meticulous tasks at hand. Your sub-ordinates should be able to carry out precise procedures, since that is what being a doctor entails.

Let Your Patients Know That They Are Your Special Clients

When treating your patients, make each individual feel like you are giving them special treatment. This will win you brand loyalty as well as more patients in the future. Set reminders for their birthdays, which can act as wishes as well as annual checkup reminders. Furthermore, you can market yourself by putting up tutorials on basic health rules.

Learn from Peers and Competitors

Outside of the clinic, establish a community of peers for yourself. These peers will act not only as mentors, but also as your competitors. There is a lot you can learn from competition when it comes to marketing. Being in a community of doctors will help you stay in touch with the latest medical innovations and studies as well as marketing strategies for your work.

Add Character to Your Workplace

Think of a Specific Atmosphere for Your Clinic. Consider the type of person you are when you are at work. Consider your managerial style, your leadership qualities, as well as how you are with patients. Furthermore, consider what makes you comfortable during work. Take all these things into account and use them to help you give your office a specific environment. This will help you focus, and also give patients a sense of you and your work ethic.

Let Your Patients Choose from a Variety of Financial Options

Give your parents the reassurance that their health is more important to you than their money. If you want an increase in patient turnover, then give them financial options to choose from. In this way, patients without insurance will be comforted by the thought that they have easier ways to pay. It will bring forth more patients since payment will not be their main concern. For instance, you can give them the option to pay in installments, or you could give them economical payment packages.

Spread Out Your Public Reach

News centers, print publications and online forums are a great way for you to make yourself even more accessible. Make yourself popular among wider crowds in order to engage more. You can do this by giving seminars, talks or live tutorials in your specialized field. Spread your knowledge to others so that people believe that you know what you are doing when you are treating them.

In conclusion, like all other businesses present in today’s rat race, doctors too, need to make their mark by competing in the larger market. Online presence and any good practice management solution is also equally important.