10 Risks Associated with Cosmetic Surgery

Written by Pliro
Sep 15, 2016 Last updated: Dec 26, 2017

As more and more emphasis is being laid on physical beauty, many women and men are resorting to cosmetic surgeries in order to appear younger and to enhance various features that they find faults in. What is surprising is that most of these women and men continue to get Botox, face lifts and lip injections even after being aware of the fact that these procedures can have serious negative effects. Let us take a look at some of risks that are associated with cosmetic surgery.

  • Health Related Issues
    No surgery should be carried out before a predetermined physical exam of the existing health status. Having a history of serious medical illnesses, such as heart disease, diabetes or other chronic conditions may increase risks associated to cosmetic surgeries and result in ineffective healing. Strokes, high blood pressure or heart failure are possible outcomes, amongst others, that may occur if the prior health history is not perfect.
  • Numbness in Skin
    Numbness and loss of sensation may occur after certain surgeries, and even though it is rarely permanent, it can cause major discomfort during the early days after the procedure takes place. This is fairly common in face-lifts and breast surgeries according to Forbes as well as tummy tucks in which a condition called “Seroma” may occur, which is the accumulation of watery body fluids in the tummy.
  • Excessive Bleeding and Tissue Death
    Tissue death, or “Necrosis”, often occurs as a result of surgical manipulation. Excessive bleeding, or “Hematoma” may also occur due to a blood clotting in areas where there is an abundant blood supply. This can lead to the skin turning into a bruised blue or purple color, with a firm feel to it, though it is usually temporary. If, however, the condition worsens over time, the surrounding tissue may be compressed and the flow of oxygen circulating in the blood may be disrupted, causing skin and tissue death. According to Women Fitness, “presence of large hematoma can increase the risks of other problems like infection, wound separation, and necrosis. Also, if the sutures after the cosmetic surgery come loose, it can lead to internal bleeding or a hernia”.
  • Risk of Infections
    Even though the risk of an infection is rare after cosmetic surgeries, it is still present if wounds are not healed on time and if blood is too thin for clotting to occur at its normal time. The more blood loss there is, the more the chance of infection increases, especially for those who smoke or have other vascular conditions associated to their skin.
  • Risk of Anesthesia
    Though this is another very rare form of risk, there are several side effects that are associated to anesthesia. The common side effects are feelings of drowsiness, headaches and nausea but more severe problems may include allergic reactions, shock or even cardiac arrests amongst others.
  • Paralysis
    Another rare yet probable side effect of anesthesia itself is paralysis. When the numbness levels exceed, possible paralysis may occur resulting in very little or no feeling in that area of the skin whatsoever. This is caused by extreme nerve damage whereby muscle function may be permanently disrupted. Reconstructive surgery may need to take place.
  • Scarring
    Possibly the most common and slightly less serious side effect of cosmetic surgeries is scarring. Nevertheless, it may have serious implications on those who experience it since it diminishes the whole point of the procedure. This is more common in darker toned people whereby the skin pigment is more prone to thicker scars.
  • Dissatisfaction with Results
    It is very common for people not to be satisfied with the results since they have already pre-envisioned the final outcome in their mind. This may lead to getting more surgery done to obtain the desired look which may lead to even more risks and permanent side effects, along with unnatural looking features due to being over worked.
  • Adverse Psychological Impact
    Since the people who opt for cosmetic surgeries are usually those who aim for perfection, it is very likely that they have high expectations of what the procedures might result in. The change may have positive impacts but if the change is too huge, it might even have negative impacts whereby the patients might feel like they have given up their identity and natural features for something that has forever been altered and does not make them look anything like they used to.
  • Death
    Even though this is probably one of the rarest side effects of cosmetic surgery, death can occur if the surgeries are not done from authentic sources. High levels of toxins may penetrate the skin due to unhealthy surgical procedures, causing adverse side effects that may even lead to skin cancer. Respiratory failure may occur due to the usage of un-sanitized anesthetics, and imitation fillers may lead to patients remaining in coma for long stretches of time, eventually leading to death.

As always, it is best to consult a top specialist and understand the risks that may be associated with any medical procedure before you go ahead with it.