10 Ways to Prevent Hair Fall

Written by Pliro
Nov 6, 2017 Last updated: Nov 6, 2017

How often have you experienced hair fall by simply running your fingers through your hair?

As we age, our body undergoes changes due to our diet, lifestyle and the environment we live in. Hair fall is one of the major signs that our body has begun to age. Mostly, it is genetic, but there are several ways in which we can prevent excessive hair damage and loss. Hair are 10 ways to prevent hair fall.

Don’t Stress

One of the unfortunate phenomena that comes with adulthood is is stress. We often stress about things that cannot be fixed by worrying in any way. This causes various health problems, including hair loss. However, telling someone not to take stress is never going to work, since it is always easier said than done. Therefore, it is crucial that you get involved in stress relieving activities. These include yoga, meditating, outdoor exercise, or simply any activity that makes you feel good. The most important aspect about relaxing is to not consider the time lost, since there won’t be any in the long run.

Drink Water

Not only does your hair and scalp need water in the shower, it also needs hydration from the inside. This is because hydration is vital for the scalp tissue growth, since the hair shaft is mostly made up of water. Furthermore, not drinking enough water can take a toll on your immune system, leading to hair loss and damage.

Massage Scalp

No matter how much an oil massage sounds like an old wives’ tale, we all know it always works. Massaging regulates blood flow and oxygen to the scalp, increasing blood supply to the follicles and making them stronger. Furthermore, this is also an incredible de-stressing technique, which provides several health benefits as well as relaxation. Oil massages are extremely useful, since oil helps strengthen, lengthen and shine hair without the use of chemicals.

Castor Oil

Several oils can be used on the scalp, and they are all incredibly useful for the hair. These include coconut oil, almond oil and olive oil, which give the hair strength, a natural sheen and prevent them from damage. However, castor oil has been found to help massively in hair growth. Not only does it help restore damaged hair, it strengthens it, prevents hair fall and helps new healthy hair to grow. Furthermore, castor oil is also commonly used on the eyelashes, to make them thicker and longer. Due to its thickness, it is best when combined with another lighter oil, such as almond oil.

Consume Good Fats

Never go on a diet which requires that you cut out fat completely. Omega-3 fat is highly beneficial, and can be found in nuts, oils and fish. Such good fats help nourish the hair follicles from within. Furthermore, they prevent hair damage since they make the follicles more elastic. Therefore, be sure to eat healthy, as long as quantities are controlled.

Consume Proteins

Other than water, the human body is mostly protein. Therefore, it is essential that you take your daily protein, whether it comes from meat, fish or eggs. A diet lacking in protein is harmful not just for the hair, but for the entire body. This is because amino acids from proteins are broken down into sugars. A lack of amino acids will result in a lack of overall energy and strength in almost every part of the body.

Increase Vitamins and Minerals


Many healthy foods ensure a good supply of vitamins and minerals. For instance, vitamin A found in eggs, greens and carrots is crucial for healthy hair. Vitamin B12 and E help create more red blood cells and thereby supply oxygen to your head. Additionally, minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc are crucial for hair growth and strength, and can be found in various vegetables, cheese, fish, milk and nuts.

Apply Aloe Vera

A lot of fancy consumer products incorporate aloe vera in them for healthy hair. Aloe contains enzymes that remove dead cells on the scalp so that the hair follicles do not get clogged. Furthermore, it creates an alkaline environment for the scalp, balancing out the pH levels and cutting excessive acidity.

Avoid Heat Drying

There are certain days where you just can’t go out without a quick blow dry. However, drying your hair with heat daily can cause damage and lead to hair fall. What’s worse than hair dryers is hair straighteners, which are literally equivalent to a set of flat iron for the hair. Excessive heat causes the hair to become brittle, dry, and also takes away most of the shine. Therefore, keep the styling to a minimum, or when it’s really needed.

Avoid Excessive Coloring

We all want to hide those obvious white and grey hairs which start to appear in our twenties, or even before. However, the more you dye, the quicker the grey hairs will reappear. Therefore, it is wise to keep hair dyeing to a maximum of twice a year. Furthermore, do not go for the cheapest brands since they are usually low quality and are likely to contain harmful chemicals. Read the ingredients carefully and try going for organic options.

In conclusion, hair fall occurs, but it is not always inevitable. Furthermore, do not expect immediate results, since natural remedies always take time. Be certain that once you do see the results, they will be obvious enough for you not to miss.