5 Ways to Ensure Hepatitis B Protection and Prevention

Written by Pliro
Jul 20, 2017 Last updated: Aug 19, 2017

Hepatitis B is a liver disease and happens to be one of the most common diseases present in Pakistan. It occurs when the Hepatitis B virus enters the body, usually through the skin, thereby interfering with the liver functions. It ranges from curable liver infections in some to liver cancer in others. However, there are many ways to achieve hepatitis B protection and prevention. Let us take a look at these methods and try to use them in our daily lives.

Never Use Contaminated Needles    

It may be a myth that only heroin addicts get hepatitis due to the use of contaminated needles. However, it is true that contaminated needles are a major reason for the spread of HBV. This is because pre-used needles are unsanitary, and the virus is transmitted through contaminated blood. One of the primary things to always be careful about is checking the needles that doctors and nurses use on you. Make sure they are properly sealed, and are opened from their packaging right in front of you. Furthermore, make sure that they are discarded after being used on you, since this is your civic and moral duty as a citizen of the country.

Know Where You Get Piercings Done

Apart from sharing injections, sharing razor blades, piercing guns, needles and tweezers are all equally dangerous, if not more. As uncomfortable as it may sound, even your favorite beauty parlor may not be as hygienic for you as you think. Sharing facial tools may be extremely dangerous when it comes to HBV. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to not just the services, but the cleanliness and authenticity of the products that are used on you for your beauty treatments.

Be Careful About Dental Tools

Make sure your medical or dental care is given by reliable sources. It goes without saying that tooth brushes, toothpicks and dental floss should never be shared. Gums can easily bleed during this process, and apart from being immensely unhygienic, this it is very easy for blood from the gums to mix up through this practice. Furthermore, when you go to the dentist, make a mental note to pay attention to the tools he or she uses. Make sure that they are always clean, sterile and the dentist uses them responsibly.

Be Careful While Treating Patients

If you’re a doctor, you probably don’t need to be told how essential cleanliness and personal hygiene is for you and your patients. Apart from using safe and sterile equipment, make sure to wear latex gloves whenever you have to treat blood. Even during a minor blood test, it is best to be careful beforehand, rather than going through a complication yourself because of your patient.

Get Your Children Vaccinated

Getting children vaccinated as early as possible is crucial. There are many hospitals in Pakistan that are including HBV vaccinations in the immunization structure for children. This is because the symptoms are not easily detectable. Furthermore, it is important to follow a strict set of rules regarding when and how to get children vaccinated. There are certain vaccines that take effect after a few weeks. Meanwhile, others can take longer. These particular guidelines should be followed and studied in order to ensure the protection of your child’s present and future.

All in all, hepatitis B may have adverse effects if not treated in time, but it isn’t incurable. It makes us realize how personal hygiene is so crucial. There is no stopping any disease if we don’t start cleaning and taking care of our surroundings, as well as ourselves.