5 Ways to Avoid the Summer Flu

Written by Pliro
Aug 8, 2016 Last updated: Mar 28, 2019

It is hard enough to endure the scorching rays of the sun of the summers in Pakistan, and dealing with this tough time is made even harder by the viral summer flu that spreads like fire during these months. As soon as a member of the family is infected by the flu, a chaotic disarray of emotions and actions start to take place as family members frantically try to cure the victim as well as keep others and themselves from getting infected also. According to a distressing survey by Express Tribune, “These summer flu germs spread not only through respiratory droplets, but also through fecal matter”. The best tip is to avoid the flu altogether so that all family members may stay safe and healthy in order to tackle the drastic summer heat.

  1. Eat Healthy

    It is absolutely essential to keep the diet in check during the summer months. With consistent load shedding, it is wise not to depend solely on frozen or refrigerated foods. Due to the repetitive thawing and freezing, the food is not able to stay in one form which is why it is unable to keep all its properties intact. This causes it to go bad quicker than usual and makes it unsuitable for eating. Along with that, doctors recommend the incorporation of leafy vegetables in the diet since green vegetables help in detoxifying the body of harmful substances. Eating out should be avoided also because there is no guarantee of how long foods have been kept in the sheer heat, making them go bad.

  2. Maintain Physical Exercise

    Even though temperatures are soaring high, it is important to maintain physical activity and exercise so that the body is able to release toxins while sweating.  Lying around in the AC all day can have an adverse effect on the bones, making them stiff and weak. Since going outside is difficult, the oxygen flow to the body and brain is a must which is why it should be taken care of even if it means exercising indoors. Being inactive is certainly not the way to store energy since all it does is make you even more inactive than before.

  3. Avoid Extreme Temperatures

    One of the primary causes of the flu is stepping from the hot whether outside to the blast of the air conditioner inside. The AC, no matter how hot it is outside, should be set at an optimum temperature of no less than 26 – 24 degrees. Apart from that, once you enter the house from outside it is best to cool off in a cold shower rather than standing in front of the chilly AC because the shower will help wash off the dirt and sweat whereas the AC will keep it trapped in the skin.

  4. Stay Hydrated

    Water is an absolute must in the summer months. Due to excessive sweating, the water content of the body leaves extremely rapidly and the body needs to be replenished with the liquid throughout the day. One of the common mistakes that people make is that as soon as they feel thirsty they grab a sugary drink or soda. This may seem like it works, but it actually strips the body of the required hydration even more since juices and sodas contain lots of refined sugars that are unsuitable for an energetic body to function. The low water content in these drinks causes more dehydration and this results in parched throats that begin to hurt, which is usually the first sign of an oncoming flu.

  5. Take Vitamin E supplements

    Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps with the immune system and aging, revitalizing and nourishing cells to fight harmful bacteria and infection. Foods rich in Vitamin E, such as whole grains and vegetable oils, are extremely important during the summer months to keep immunity in check. Apart from food itself, regular supplements can also be taken daily based on the recommended dosage by the doctor.

Therefore, in order to avoid making the summer experience from bad to worse, it is important that you use these tips to avoid unwanted flu or cough and stay as healthy and happy as you can. In severe cases, it is good to book an appointment & consult a doctor.