5 Ways to Protect Your Eyesight

Written by Pliro
Jan 14, 2019 Last updated: Jan 21, 2019

Out of the 5 senses a human being has, eye sight, is considered one of the most important. It is one the senses that define the dominance and trait of human beings over other senses and differentiates us with other beings on how we use it.

Importance of a Healthy Eyesight

Human beings have their vision as the strongest sense and if it has problems, one may feel detached and demotivated from living happily.

Strong and healthy eyesight is important for us not to just see with, but also, to introduce more information about anything around us than just noticing or visioning it. The pupil, the iris and the whole eye works together to help us see better. If anything happens even for some time to any of the components mentioned, the eyesight may weaken and create problems in seeing clearly.

It is better to look after our eyes and how to take care of the ability to see properly by not just getting a regular eye checkup with an eye specialist or even an ophthalmologist, but also keeping a healthy diet.

Ways to Maintain a Healthy Eyesight

You may use different techniques to keep a healthy eyesight, but that is not enough. A proper checkup, a regular and balanced diet and exercises for eyesight are all a necessary part of the objective of keeping your eyesight healthy. Sometime, we ignore the fact that some of us may be a little short sighted or far sighted. Wearing spectacles as prescribed by an eye doctor is important, ignoring the little blur in the vision can create issues later in life. At that stage, it might not be easy for us to recreate the genuine health of our eyes. To keep healthy eyesight, following points can be taken into consideration out of many:

Have a proper dilated eye exam

Go to a doctor once in a while, may be after every three months and get a proper dilated exam. The doctor will add some medicine drops to your eye and then after sometime when the pupil dilates, they will have a thorough exam of the eye. This can help identify any sight issues, any injuries or problems in vision that are not generally seen or observed.

Know the family history

If any of your family members born before you have issues with eyesight, you need to be very careful. Genetics can actually be responsible for transferring similar health issues in generations top down in every way possible. Everyone should keep an eye out for health issues of family members in the past, and constantly keep track of health records to avoid risks of suffering from same health issues early or later in life.

Eat Healthy

Something that easily comes to mind when health is in consideration is a balanced and healthy diet. Fruits and vegetables especially those that contain Vit A are very good for healthy eyesight. Vit A containing organic fruits/vegetables are carrots, sweet potato, and pumpkin mostly that when taken in prescribed quantity or taken in juice form, can prevent problems in vision.

Green and leafy vegetables are also very good for the eyesight like kale, spinach, bell peppers etc. They contain enzymes that are fruitful in keeping healthy eye condition.

Rest your Eyes

Giving rest to your eyes during work, watching a movie or any other long exposure to light can help in retaining good sight levels for long. For example, looking at a laptop for more than an hour can damage the sight gradually. However, exercising by revolving your eyes here and there for 5 to 10 seconds, after every 20 minutes while working on computers can help reduce risk of losing good eyesight.

Wearing Protective Eye Gears

While going out in the sun, working in lower light levels, or working in an environment where there are harmful rays or beams of laser or color intensities, it is better to wear protective eyewears like spectacles, shades and medically proven eye gears. A little too much sunlight is also harmful for the eyes. You may look cool as well, when you wear shades, but it is more of a need than a fashion statement nowadays.

Keeping a good vision all through your life may not be easy. However, balancing out on the above factors along with not rubbing your eyes, intake of plenty of water and keeping them clean can go a long way in keeping eyes healthy and useable in older age, better than how others can. To have a regular checkup, you can always follow your ophthalmologist’s advised visit dates or check online for suggestions and medical help.