6 Things You Didn’t Know That Happen to Women on Their Periods

Written by Pliro
Mar 2, 2017 Last updated: Mar 2, 2017


Being a woman requires being prepared for certain bodily complications every once a month. Being a man highlights the importance of treating women with sensitivity during that time. For both, his and her sake. Yes, I am referring to periods, or menstruation, or even better known as “that time of the month” for women. There is a lot more to periods than we think there is. Here are 6 generally unknown facts about women on their periods. 


The Body Prepares for Pregnancy a Few Days Before Your Period

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You may have seen in movies that when couples decide on having a baby, they want to make sure of the ovulation period. A few days before menstruation, the woman’s body secretes the hormone progesterone. This causes certain things to happen to the body that are similar to being pregnant. Some of these include bloating, sore breasts, fluid retention and even skin breakouts in some cases. This is when a woman is ovulating. In other words, pregnancies do not just happen at any time of the month. Therefore, the first major sign of pregnancy is experiencing symptoms before your period but the period itself doesn’t occur. 


Men May Think its Your Voice When it May be Your Fertility That Attracts Them

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If this sounds strange to you, you are in for some rather surprising facts about male intuitions. Research shows that men may unconsciously be attracted to women more so while they are fertile. According to a study, a woman’s period may significantly affect her voice. The effect is enough for a high percentage, almost 35%, of the men to notice the difference. It is due to similarities in cells and hormone receptors from the larynx and the vagina. The study also hypothesized that men are more attracted to the female voice during ovulation and least attracted during menstruation. Therefore, scientists theorize that this may be due to man’s evolutionary subconscious awareness of a woman’s fertility.


Menstrual Cramps May be Common but They are Not Normal

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Because so many of us ladies experience cramps before or during our period, we are led to believe that it is normal. However, your body suggests otherwise. High levels of estrogen or having consumed too much sugar may result in an inflammatory response. Furthermore, according to Dr. Jennifer Burns, irritation in the uterus may also be caused by a cyst or a fibroid and should be checked. 


Cramps May Have an Impact on a Woman’s Cognitive Abilities

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It’s no surprise that any form of pain affects our cognitive abilities. However, not all forms of pain are necessarily there to impair our thinking as well as our actions. Period pain is a little more complicated and intense than regular small scale pain. According to research, woman who are on their period perform less well on tests that measure their abilities to multitask or pay attention. By and large, menstruation not only affects them physically, but also has adverse effects on what their thinking and coping. 


Cramps May Travel to Other Body Parts

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It is a common misconception that menstrual cramps occur only in the abdominal region. In fact, cramps materialize in the lower back and upper legs as well. According to Dr. Elizabeth Lyster, the cramps are a cause of the placement of the nerves in the pelvic region. Since they are all intertwined, feeling irritation in one side may also impact another area due to nerve connections.