6 Reasons Why Visiting a Doctor is Important

Written by Pliro
Jul 11, 2016 Last updated: Dec 31, 2017

Ever since a baby is born, it’s first few months are met by regular vaccinations and checkups with the doctor. These checkups are often religiously carried out during its first few years and then gradually the number of checkups start decreasing. Surprisingly, once the baby becomes a fully grown independent individual, that is when visits to the doctors become least frequent. This may seem strange because young adults nowadays are generally conscious of their bodies, skin, hair, teeth or anything related to their general physical appearance, and for that they are willing to change their diets as well as invest in expensive products but through all of this, visiting the doctor hardly ever occurs to them. Jon Bonnet draws an appropriate parallel to the importance of checkups, where he states; “Regular medical checkups are akin to changing the oil in a car, rotating the tires, or getting a 50,000-mile tune-up.” This analogy is the perfect starting point to explain 6 good reasons why visiting the doctor regularly is crucial.

General health update
It is important for each individual, whether seemingly healthy or not, to be aware of their current situation and logistics when it comes to general health. This may include knowing your blood pressure or cholesterol numbers, whether hemoglobin levels are stable or whether there is a deficiency of a certain nutrient or chemical in the body. It helps to have detailed medical records or EMR whereby patients know exactly where they need to maintain their numbers and where they need to improve them.

Maintaining physical and mental health
Not only is visiting a doctor beneficial for the physical body, but it also helps determine one’s state of mind and how it can be stabilized. Often health deterioration occurs during stressful times when a person is unable to perform well physically due to mental exhaustion. Visiting the doctor helps keeping that peace of mind in check and ensures that brain activity is not affected by external factors that may all contribute negatively towards one’s health.

Develop a Doctor Patient Relationship
By visiting the doctor often, the doctor may feel more depended on and this helps to create a strong relationship and comfort level between the doctor and the patient. This comfort is important since it keeps the patient calmer during visits and makes one more willing to see the doctor since it develops a certain level of trust whereby patients do not want to rely on too many external resources which may cause even more confusion and double mindedness. Keeping patients relaxed is also a less intense form of treatment since they feel like they are in good hands.

Get helpful advice
It is no surprise that rather than coming up with one’s own assumed diagnosis and remedies, visiting a doctor may result in some real professional advice. In this way, all doctors also play the role of a psychotherapist in a way, by digging deep into what really caused a certain problem, if there is any. These causes might not be identified by the patients themselves right away, which is why it is always better to rely on the experts.

Early detection of possible threats
Whether one feels and seems healthy, it is crucial to visit the doctor every now and then to detect potential threats as early as possible so that they can be treated with the least amount of fuss before the threat starts building up and affecting the body. This is one case where people usually take the opposite route, of ignoring a problem even when it becomes apparent, only to avoid any bad news from the doctor. When it comes to health, the ‘ignorance is bliss’ theory can often backfire and completely turn one’s world upside down. For this reason, rather than having to ignore problems even after feeling them, one should see the doctor to eradicate them even before they show.

Genetics and family history
What a healthy person often fails to consider is that sometimes even being healthy is not enough when he or she belongs to a family that is prone to certain kinds of cases. This makes the person automatically prone to those same cases no matter what the current state. Visiting a doctor can be very useful in establishing which genes are stronger and how a certain problem that may occur due to the mere bloodline might be avoided as much as possible.

These reasons are only to name a few of the millions of reasons why regular checkups are important. Those who are especially unwilling to get their checkups should be vary of the fact that it might not be laziness that is stopping them, but a possible fear that something might turn up, which makes it all the more important to face those fears. Regular visits to the doctor are only beneficial, and they are what will help maintain a carefree, healthy body and soul.