7 Reasons why Breastfeeding is Best for Your Baby

Written by Pliro
Aug 28, 2017 Last updated: Aug 30, 2017

As a new mom, you may find a very positive response to the fact that you breastfeed your baby. OBgyns and pediatricians both highly recommend breastfeeding, unless there is a genuine reason for not being able to do so. Let us look at 7 reasons why breastfeeding is best for your baby.

Most Nutritious    

An amazing fact about breast milk is that it is custom made by each mom according to her baby’s particular needs. Not only that, the milk changes as the baby grows to fulfill all of baby’s bodily requirements. It contains the right amounts of essential vitamins and minerals, as well as proteins, carbohydrates and fats. It has the adequate nutritional value to prevent obesity and malnutrition. Furthermore, it contains antibodies that prevent allergies and other diseases. This means, that breast milk offers valuable protection and helps develop the immune system. Additionally, it contains endorphines, which are hormones that naturally suppress pain.

Develops Mother and Child Bond

Breast milk satisfies a baby emotionally, which makes it more fulfilling in every way. Other than that, it is even a bonding experience for the mother. This is because breastfeeding releases oxytocin which is a bonding hormone. Oxytocin helps create an emotional connection between mother and baby as the milk moves towards the front of the breasts during suckle. This process is known as letdown.

Less Fussy Eaters

A mothers greatest fear is that her baby or child will turn out to be a fussy eater. Sometimes, babies tend to have bigger appetites than others. Remember that this is always better than those who have fussy eaters as babies. The reason for being a fussy eater is also linked to breastfeeding. Firstly, formula milk is harder to digest. Breast milk is perfect for a baby’s digestive system since it is not too heavy and a baby knows when to stop taking it. Secondly, the mother’s diet is directly linked to the breast milk. As the flavor of breast milk changes according to food that the mother eats, a baby’s transition to solids is automatically made easier. Moreover, eating and sleeping are interconnected. If a baby feeds well, then it will sleep and this can be possible by breastfeeding.

Higher IQ

If you are a new mother, or a soon-to-be mom, you will hear lots interesting tips on how to improve your child’s cognitive development. One fool-proof way to ensure that is to simply breastfeed your baby. Research has it that breastfed babies show more brain activity than formula fed babies. According to the JAMA Psychiatry, a study followed about 14,000 children over six months. This was to determine which ones had a higher IQ. Those with higher IQ scores had been breastfed, and had also received higher ratings from their teachers.

Convenient and Portable

With breastfeeding, you know that there is no work to be done before and after the baby is fed. There is a whole paraphernalia that comes with preparing formula milk. Water needs to be boiled, then cooled and then poured into the bottles. Then the milk is poured in ounces, which may sound easy but is extremely inconvenient to do with a crying baby. Furthermore, once the baby is done, the bottles need to be washed and sterilized every time. Additionally, the portion depends on how hungry the baby is, which is not always easy to determine. Therefore, breastfeeding the baby directly is convenient, and always available, making it efficiently portable.

Cost Effective

Formula milk is extremely expensive, especially if it is consumed on a regular basis. In contrast, breast milk is… well, free! Imagine the amount of money you could save by exclusively breastfeeding your child. Even if you restrict formula to once or twice a day, the financial expenditures can be lowered by a huge amount. To top it off, breast milk is the healthier option. It is like living in a world where organic food is cheaper than processed food.

Moms Can Eat AND Lose Weight

Breastfeeding makes a mom feel hungrier, and her appetite may increase. This is a good thing, because nursing moms are supposed to take care of their diet and take all the vital nutrients, including good fats. Not only is this important for the baby, but also for the mom’s own physical healing. However, the good news is that breastfeeding is said to burn almost 500 calories off a mom’s body per day. Not every mom may see drastic results immediately, but most moms see remarkable differences after six months. Therefore, breastfeeding literally proves that you and your baby can have the best of both worlds.

All in all, the stress laid on breastfeeding is not just because it is the better option, but because it is far more superior than formula milk. Thus, breastfeeding is highly recommended for mothers, because the benefits are too huge to ignore.