8 Bizarre Mental Disorders

Written by Pliro
Oct 16, 2017 Last updated: Oct 16, 2017

Anxiety, depression, stress, phobia, shame, grief and many more commonly used words that we hear in our daily lives. But did you know that there are so many psychological problems that we did not even know existed? People go through mental turmoil of so many different kinds, whether major or minor. Let’s take a look at some of the most bizarre mental disorders that you need to know about.


“To Be or Not to Be” – Hamlet


This is a fairly uncommon disorder characterized by experiencing a crippling indecision. It has been likened to the psychological conflicts that Hamlet, one of literature’s greatest tragic heroes, had to go through. In other words, the patients are usually mentally and physically healthy in all other aspects, except when given a choice. The struggle to make a decision becomes so intense that they lose the ability to carry out everyday tasks. Therefore, it becomes a pathological indecisiveness which can paralyze their normal functioning.

Alice in Wonderland Syndrome

“After all, three inches is such a wretched height!” – Alice


This strange syndrome is also called Micropsia, whereby individuals form distorted perceptions about size, time and space. Things may seem much smaller, larger, closer or farther than they actually are. Furthermore, reality might seem dream like to them, and they are unable to make sense of the world. However, what’s important to note here is that these hallucinations are not caused by a weak eyesight. In fact, it has a lot to do with your brain’s interpretation of the world. This condition is usually linked to migraines, drugs or brain tumors.


“He loves me… he loves me not” – Ariel


Erotomania is a delusional disorder whereby patients take a strong infatuation with someone to a whole new level. They believe that someone with a superior status, usually a celebrity, is madly in love with them. They create situations in their minds, such as telepathy, gestures, glances and special signals by the lover, confirming their beliefs. This may seem very close to something you or anyone you know may have experienced at some point. However, the difference is that even when the ‘supposed lover’ denies it and tells these patients that it is all in their head, they are unconvinced.


“He’s a werewolf! That’s why he’s been missing classes.” – Hermione Granger


This disorder is one where people believe that they are actually wolves or werewolves, or can turn into them. Some patients even believe that they can turn into all sorts of animals. This delusional disorder originates from altered or distorted states of mind. Patients report to have experienced psychosis to such extremes that they even hid in forests without clothes. This is because they feel and act like animals, and it all seems perfectly real to them.


“Yay I’m a llama again!” – Cuzco


This condition differs slightly from lycanthropy, since patients believe themselves to be grass eating cattle. This usually means cow or ox, but can also mean any farm animal bending on all fours to chew grass. The people who experience this delusional disorder have actually been reported to behave and feed like cattle.

Foreign Accent Syndrome

“Dorry you can not speak whale!” – Marlin the Clownfish


Surprisingly, this disorder has been diagnosed in over 50 cases ever since it was first discovered in 1940. In it, a patient born in, lets say Pakistan, may wake up one day and develop a British accent overnight. It is said to occur as a result of severe trauma, stroke or brain injury. However, it is unclear why it happens, and how to cure it.

Capgras Syndrome

“She’s the sea-witch in disguise!”


Capgras Syndrome is a mental condition where the patient believes that someone close to them has been replaced by an impostor. Victims of this disorder become delusional and lose track of reality. It is more common in females than it is in males. Furthermore, it is linked with various brain injuries such as tumors, migraines and even drug abuse.


“Can you paint with all the colors of the wind” – Pocahontas


Synesthesia, also informally known as the “hippy disorder” is a confusion between the senses. It makes a person mistake a sensory stimulation with another. For instance, feeling or hearing something may remind one of a color or food. Technically, the two former sensations are not directly linked with the later senses. The mixing up of senses in such a way is also called “union of the senses”. Though it may seem like a disorder to many, for some people it is taken as a gift. For example, artists believe that finding a way to art should be felt by all the senses in order for it to become a true experience.

In conclusion, the world is full of mystery, even when it comes to something as basic and seemingly innocuous as a health condition. Therefore, curiosity, followed by research and discovery can surely make it much more interesting. Furthermore, the more we learn, the more we begin to understand how complex human nature really is.