8 Precautions To Take If You Have Diabetes

Written by Pliro
Dec 8, 2017 Last updated: Dec 14, 2017

We often tell ourselves that “life is short” to not only make unhealthy choices, but also feel good about them. This article sheds light on all the things that would not have made such a big deal had we managed to prevent ourselves from diabetes. This is not to say that all diabetics are to blame for their condition. However, even family history raises red flags which should not be ignored. Here are 8 things you cannot do if you have diabetes.


1. Consume Products Labeled as ‘Sugar Free’

Just because a product claims to be sugar-free doesn’t mean it truly is. Despite not having high quantities of sugar, the body may end up with sugar due to the presence of carbohydrates and calories. Furthermore, fat free items are the same. This is because carbohydrates are not labeled as fats or sugars. Therefore, we overlook their presence and this can have major negative consequences on our bodies.

2. Leave the House Without a Snack

Often times, we leave the house thinking that we may be back in time for our next meal, or that it doesn’t matter if it’s just around the corner. However, in many cases one is unsure of blood sugar levels fluctuating. Therefore it is crucial to carry some kind of healthy snack with you no matter where you go and for how long. This ensures that hypoglycemia doesn’t occur and that blood sugar levels can be regulated. The best kind of snacks to keep are nuts, fruits, veggies, yogurt or low fat cheese.

3. Be Clueless About the Symptoms of High Blood Sugar

Even though the symptoms vary from person to person, it is crucial for you to know your own body and the possible symptoms that may occur. This will help you mentally prepare for action in case you feel an onset of high or low blood pressure. Some of the symptoms include feeling hungrier or thirstier than usual, feeling excessively tired, and having to urinate more often than not. Furthermore, even your eyesight may give you signs about blood sugar levels. For instance, your vision may become blurry, or looking at the light may cause you to see halos.

4. Choose to Remain Overweight

When somebody like your mother or father tells you to lose weight, it is not because they want you to look better and cannot accept you as you are. It is because they genuinely worry about your health, since being overweight is the root cause of numerous diseases and illnesses. Even if your weight is not the reason why you had diabetes, it certainly doesn’t help once you know you are diabetic. This is because excess weight increases resistance to insulin. This makes it harder to control blood sugar levels. Furthermore, being overweight can raise blood pressure, and therefore the chances of having a stroke or kidney disease. Therefore, as soon as you find out you are diabetic, start your treatment process by changing your diet by asking an experienced nutritionist and your doctor.

5. Neglect Walking

Among many other exercises, walking happens to be one of the best ones for diabetics. This is because it is not excessively strenuous and ensures that blood sugar rarely drops too low. Furthermore, it can help your body to react better to insulin and thereby, help you regain control over your blood sugar levels in general. Additionally, it of course helps with the weight loss since it is a form of exercise that is easy on the joints and muscles. Therefore do not make an excuse where walking is concerned. Even if you are not used to it and your legs hurt in the beginning, you will thank yourself once the initial pain is gone.

6. Neglect Physical Activity

Of course, depending on your age and type of diabetes you have, it is also crucial to do some exercise other than just walking. It is important that you always ask your doctor or personal dietitian before carrying out any kind of physical activity. Some good exercise examples are swimming, jogging, biking, pilates and yoga. Meditation and deep breathing is also a great form of exercise since it helps you work out and relax side by side. Furthermore, for a diabetic it is even better to do these in the outdoors, since fresh oxygen also revitalizes and energizes.

7. Neglect Blood Sugar Care During Pregnancy

When you are pregnant, you are responsible for the health of both, you and your baby. Therefore it is crucial for you to be extra diligent when it comes to blood sugar levels during pregnancy. Being careful during the first 12 months is especially important since the baby’s organs are forming during that time. Furthermore, diabetes can result in various problems for unborn babies, such as serious birth defects and even a harder delivery for you as the mother.

8. Avoid Yearly Eye Checkups

It might seem like your eyes have nothing to do with diabetes. However, serious eye problems can occur due to high or low blood sugar levels. One such condition is called retinopathy which occurs due to uncontrollable blood sugar. The back of the eye experiences bleeding, resulting in blurry or cloudy vision, damaging the retina permanently. Furthermore, diabetics are also more prone to double vision and cataracts. Therefore it is crucial that you get your eyesight checked at least once a year if you are diabetic.

All in all, diabetes proves that life really is short. Therefore, instead of making it more difficult for ourselves, why not try and improve the quality of the one life we have been given.