8 Signs You Have a Calcium Deficiency

Written by Pliro
Apr 10, 2017 Last updated: Oct 9, 2018

The fact that milk is our very first food source since we are born should be enough to indicate the vitality of calcium in our bodies. Our bones form our skeleton, and weak bones mean a weak core and body structure. Calcium is the nutrient that exists in the highest quantities in our body. Furthermore, calcium serves functions of muscle and blood vessel contraction and expansion as well as signaling neurons along the nervous system. In this case, imagine what a lack of calcium may do to your body. Rather than treating a sure-shot illness, we need to address the symptoms so that we can prevent a calcium deficiency from its very onset. Here are 10 signs that may suggest a calcium deficiency.

Weak Bones


This one is a no-brainer. Weak bones are among the very first signs of a calcium deficiency. Low calcium levels may lead to arthritis, osteoporosis or fractures. As we age, our bones naturally become weaker since the ligaments between our joints become softer. This causes a decrease in height and change in structure. Moreover, it affects strength and fitness levels also decrease. Therefore, an adequate calcium intake is vital for normal cell functioning.

Weak Teeth


A lack of calcium causes teeth to become brittle and weak. It can cause delayed tooth formation, tooth decay or other oral health problems. Furthermore, mild to severe toothaches may occur, causing major discomfort and various other health problems if food is unable to be chewed properly.

Muscle Cramps and Pains


Muscle cramps are what typically indicate a problem with the bones. This is because nerve cells can become extra sensitive due to which cramps are often experienced. You may also experience uncontrollable twitching or muscle spasms as well. Furthermore, your nerves suffer as well since signals do not reach the nervous system effectively.

Severe Premenstrual Symptoms


Premenstrual symptoms, or PMS, include bloating, cramps, mood swings and cravings. However, experiencing these symptoms more severely is not normal as it often occurs due to a lack of vital nutrients, especially calcium. Women who lack adequate calcium in their bodies go through a difficult PMS, which can later affect pregnancy and labor also. This is because calcium has a vital part to play in muscle contraction and relaxation. Additionally, calcium ensure the normal uterus and ovarian hormone development. Furthermore, it can also lead to excessive bleeding and irregular periods.

Dry and Brittle Nails


Calcium deficiency can often be identified by just looking at the nails. If they are prone to chipping or breaking easily then you might need to up your calcium intake. However, latest research shows that white spots may be due to a lack of calcium, but may also simply be due to trauma or hitting something hard against the nails.

Frequent Illness


Your immunity depends on an adequate calcium intake. This is because calcium helps fight viruses, bacteria, germs, yeasts and fungi. The reason for this is that bacteria are able to survive in acidic conditions. The calcium provides the right alkaline levels to raise oxygen in the blood. This makes it impossible for these bacteria to survive. Furthermore, calcium helps in the healing and rapid repair of the body, helping to get rid of any infections.

Difficulty Sleeping


A lack of calcium causes physical unrest at night, affecting mood and productivity. This is because calcium helps produce the sleep hormone melatonin, which keeps the sleep-wake cycle in check. Furthermore, calcium acts as a general relaxant. However, too much calcium intake at a time from dairy products may even cause drowsiness since these products are heavy and take longer to digest.

Weight Loss Problems


Without the right amounts of calcium, a healthy body weight is difficult to maintain. Products with calcium, such as dairy products, act as fillers throughout the day. When people start to substitute these products for unhealthy snacks, they see a huge rise in their weight. Moreover, calcium plays a crucial role in ensuring a good metabolism in the body, which can do wonders for weight loss.

All in all, without calcium you will find yourself weak, tired and moody. Chances are that you may even develop mental health issues, such as depression or stress, which may be linked to low levels of calcium. Therefore, if you haven’t been able to get your daily calcium fix as yet, grab a glass of milk or bowl of yogurt, and you will notice the results yourself.