Written by Pliro
Mar 16, 2017 Last updated: Apr 21, 2017

You might think that losing weight is the most difficult thing to do and everyone wants to do it. On the contrary, gaining weight is an equally arduous task for some, especially those who burn calories quicker than they consume their meals. When it comes to women especially, they view weight gain as something that does not conform to society’s ideals of a perfect figure. Losing weight does not mean neglecting certain foods completely, nor does gaining weight mean a surplus of unhealthy foods. It is a must for women to maintain a healthy diet and weight. This is because their bodies go through a series of internal and external changes throughout their lives. Here are 8 ways that will show you that weight gain for women can be healthy, efficient and even flattering.

Add Protein Rich Foods to Your Diet

One of the best ways to gain weight is to add protein rich foods to your diet, more specifically high-quality protein. As a result, you may notice significant muscle gain. This is beneficial since it helps you gain weight without gaining fat. In addition, strength-training exercise is great to go along with a protein rich diet. If you workout regularly, manage your meals accordingly with relation to the time and level of strength required.

Focus on Muscle Gain

There are various physical activities that can develop your muscles. Muscle gain ensures significant weight gain without adding the undesirable flabbiness and so called ‘love handles’. Muscle content on the body has been proven to weigh more than fat. For this reason, after exercising, you may feel and look fine but the weighing machine might show a considerable gain. Do not be alarmed by this development, it is actually a good sign. It means you are gaining weight the healthy way, by being physically fit.

Do Not Neglect Essential Nutrients

People often tell you that filling up on proteins is the best thing for the body, and carbs need not be taken at all since they convert into sugars. However, carbohydrates, in their right quantities, provide a complete meal as well as the desired energy that you need for the day. According to Livestrong, “At 4 calories per gram, they supply energy to power your muscles, brain and other tissues through your day-to-day activities, and they can also help you feel energized for weight gain-inducing strength workouts”. For those aiming to gain weight, carbohydrate rich foods are a much better option than consuming junk food or fattening snacks that provide you with little to no essential nutrients.

Add Good Fats to The Diet

Good fats include omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, which are highly beneficial for the body. These fats can be found in fish, plant-based oils, butter, ghee and various other healthy foods. They differ from fats in processed foods since they are unsaturated. This means that they do not clog the arteries and help you gain weight the healthy way. It is often advised for new mothers to include good fats in their diets since breast-feeding requires a lot of energy and can also result in significant weight loss.

Do a Calorie Count

Keep a count of the amount of calories you consume. If you burn than you consume, then increase the amount by a few extra calories. That does not mean excessive sugary foods. Fruits tend to be good calorie portions. With even as much as an extra 250 calories per day, you can gain a few pounds the healthy way without feeling like you are on a sugar rush.

Add Swimming to Your Daily Workout

Swimming is great not only for building stamina, but also for maintaining your weight and toning your body. Furthermore, swimming helps exercise your muscles and shapes the body in a way that you can look healthy without looking overweight. Additionally, swimming also makes you extremely hungry since the body goes through an extensive breathing exercise.

Take Supplements for Weight Gain

It is necessary to note all the side effects of any kind of supplement. However, in order to add a few extra pounds, protein shakes can help significantly depending on how many calories they contain per serving. Not only are they good for gaining weight, they also maintain your protein intake in case you are not taking sufficient quantities through foods.

Do Cardio to Keep Energy Levels Up

Twenty to thirty minutes of cardio is a great way to keep energy levels maintained throughout the day. Aerobic exercises will ensure that you feel hungry enough to eat more and look healthy, but do not add pounds in the wrong places and look over weight. Exercise in any form is great for speeding up the metabolism.

All in all, make sure you tell yourself what weight gain means, and you fully understand its meaning. Anything that is not done in moderation can lead to various problems and complications in the future. Therefore, just like weight reduction, remember to carry out weight gain activities and diets in the healthiest way possible.