9 Recommended Ways to Treat Acne Scars

Written by Pliro
Aug 18, 2016 Last updated: Dec 29, 2017

It is no news that acne scars can be frustrating. Most of the time, acne scars can feel like a double punishment because dealing with the acne pimples is one thing, and dealing with the scars is another. The good news is with the appropriate skin care, acne scars can be eliminated. Here are some proven tips to help you get rid of your acne scars faster, efficiently  and for good.

  1. Prevention is better than cure
    While having acne is not an experience to laugh about, the scars that are left behind by the acne are even more annoying. To begin with, the best remedy for acne scars is to prevent them the instance you notice acne or pimple on your skin.  Unlike acne spots that are far much easier to eliminate, getting rid of acne scars can prove to be daunting and frustrating. Acne scars are known to be stubborn and often stay long even after the acne is completely healed, usually three to six months and sometimes more.
  2. Keep your hands off the Scar. Period
    To prevent scars it is best to restrain from the temptation to pick on the affected area. Keep your hands off the area. Period. Why? Because the skin is further damaged and inflamed when scratched, squeezed or rubbed. Even worse, it can severely damage collagen by forcing the bacteria deeper into the skin.
  3. Fillers
    Fillers are delivered by physicians by injecting it into the scar area to treat the damaged collagen and fix the scars. While fillers are effective and available in Pakistan majority of the population is not aware of this treatment. For the best results, it is highly recommended that fillers are administered by licensed skin specialists. Results from filler treatment can be seen immediately. For the best results, fillers are injected on a regular basis.
  4. Lasers
    Laser treatment uses intense pulse light that targets and destroys bacteria to get rid of the acne and the dark pigment of scars. There are two types of laser treatment; ablative laser which eliminates thin skin layers and non-ablative laser that nourishes skin by triggering growth of collagen. Both treatments are available in Pakistan and it is best to understand the risks and side effects of laser by consulting with skin experts before application of treatment.
  5. Retinoid treatment
    Retinoid cream or gel is gently rubbed on the affected area once or twice a day for four to six weeks.  Rich in vitamin A, retinoid unclogs blocked skin pores making room for other medication to work better by enhancing the generation of collagen beneath the affected skin layers. Retinoid treatment is widely available in Pakistan and works best under the advice and prescription of a skin specialist.
  6. Avoid direct exposure to the sun
    Even though the sun is a good source of vitamin it is wise not to expose scars to the sun. “Naturally, the body has mechanisms for lightening scars but exposing scars to sun slows down the process and ultimately darkens the scars,” Dr. Bowe points out. It is advisable to keep yourself covered under an umbrella, hat or sun screen to protect the skin and speed up healing.
  7. Aloe Vera Magic
    The magic of this miraculous wonder herb has been linked to its anti-inflammatory elements that are super rich in vitamins. From soothing blisters to treating sunburns, aloe is also effective in treating of scars. Besides soothing the scar, aloe speeds up healing by regenerating the damaged tissues when applied onto the scar.
  8. Vitamin C uptake
    Other than protecting the heart and fighting colds, foods rich in vitamin C are vital in collagen regeneration and above all a healthy skin. An uptake of vitamin C and gentle application of product containing vitamin C onto the scar helps with healing.
  9. Honey, Lemon and Olive oil
    Other home remedies that are beneficial to treating acne scars include the gently rubbing and massaging of olive oil on the affected area. A mixture of honey and lemon also goes a long way in getting rid of acne scars.

In summation, you do not have to suffer in silence the next time you notice signs of acne pimples leaving scars on your skin. Follow the tips provided to heal the scars and prevent new ones from appearing. Most importantly, remember it takes time and patience to eliminate these scars.