Few Tips to Avoid a Dentist Appointment

Written by Pliro
Oct 15, 2018 Last updated: Oct 30, 2018

Dentist appointment, an often feared sentence for many. One of every two individuals fails to attend to regular checkups every year, which leads to an accumulation of small preventable problems into severe conditions that eventually require professional attention.

There’s no 100% effective method to avoid a dentist appointment all your life without endangering your dental health. However, some simple lifestyle changes can make a difference and keep the dentist away for a while.

Brushing before bedtime



During the 7 to 9 hours you sleep at night, bacteria are wide awake and busy creating damaging substances that cause tooth decay. Adding some protection to your teeth during these hours is quite useful.

Mouth rinse is your friend



Using mouth rinse after each bushing will kill more bacteria and provide you extra protection against tooth decay and gingivitis. Antimicrobial mouth rinse is the best for this.

This advice is not meant for young children because they may swallow the product. Each mouth rinse has its own instructions and age limits.

Use a proper technique



It may sound a bit silly but there is an official technique for brushing and the current authority for that is the American Dental Association. The ADA also recommends brushing twice a day for no less than 2 minutes.




This topic is actually a bit controversial. Many recommend using an electric toothbrush for its efficiency but others say that a simple manual toothbrush with the proper technique and comfortable fit is more than enough.

At the end the important thing is to have a toothbrush that reaches each corner of your mouth.

Grinding your teeth?



You may not know this, but, teeth grinding is a very common problem and most people doesn’t even know they do it. This is because it often happens during sleep. A sore jaw and a mild but constant headache are the most common symptoms. Grinding leads to several different kinds of structural damages to your teeth, but these can be avoided by using a mouth guard at night.

Other methods like diets and exercises exist but the mouth guard is the easiest and quickest.




There’s also a technique for flossing.

  • Use a piece of floss of up to 46 cm in length
  • Never use a single section more than 3 or 4 times
  • Rub the floss against your teeth in a C motion back and forward

We hope all these tips are helpful in keeping the dentist away for as much as possible. However, when it’s a must to go to a dentist, you can book a dentist appointment using Pliro.