10 Ways to Avoid The Winter Flu

Written by Pliro
Jan 19, 2017 Last updated: Jan 20, 2017

Every Winter, Pakistan faces harsh weather changes between the months of December through February. The Pakistani population is met by various viral infections and diseases during these months. But lets not look at the diseases and how to cure them. Here we will read about ways to avoid these diseases before they have a chance to get to us. Let us look at the top 10 ways on how to avoid the flu this winter.

Drink Lots of Water

We do not realize how vital water is in the winter months since we do not feel thirsty all the time. This is because we hardly sweat due to the cold weather. We also like to stay warm which is why we indulge in in our favorite coffee or hot chocolate. One of the common mistakes that people make is that as soon as they feel thirsty they grab a sugary drink or soda. This is because the body is not fully hydrated and the refined sugars and caffeine in these drinks causes causes dryness and parched mouths. Moreover, it is better to take warm water rather than cold to avoid the flu and a sore throat.

Try to Get Physical Exercise

We tend to get lazy and stay in-doors due to the cold. As comforting as snuggling in the blankets may feel, it is a good idea to step out once in a while. Getting physical exercise helps you avoid major problems, such as blocked noses and coughs. It helps open up your nasal passages due to the oxygen your body receives through physical activity. A good way to avoid extreme temperatures is to go out at noon, when it is sunniest. Otherwise, even being properly covered and layered up is enough.

Wash Your Hands

The flu is mostly contagious. In other words, it is transmitted from person to person. We touch surfaces that are unclean and full of bacteria. When we sneeze or cough, the bacteria we release spread to our hands which we use to cover our mouths. Therefore, when hands are not washed, the bacteria gets transferred from those hands to anyone they touch. Washing hands with anti bacterial soap is recommended, as well as using a tissue for covering coughs and sneezes.

Get a Flu Shot

One of the best ways to avoid the flu is to get flu vaccines. According to Everyday Health, “Studies have found that in healthy adults, the flu vaccine can decrease the chances of coming down with the flu by as much as 70 percent to 90 percent”. This means that this should be the first preventive step, after which other measures should also be taken.

Drink Soups and Herbal Teas

We’ve all heard of the term “comfort food” that makes us warm and cozy. Winters is the best time for comfort food. Soups and herbal teas should be taken instead of ice creams and chocolates. This is because warm foods help to maintain our body temperatures internally. The bodies are exposed to extreme cold which is why keeping them warm from the inside is vital. They are also useful for keeping the nasal passages open since steam helps the nose to remain unblocked and mucus flow to be even.

Take Honey and Ginger Every Day

The combination of honey and raw ginger is proven to be a hit when it comes to avoiding the common cold and flu. They both contain anti oxidants that help destroy germs and prevent bacteria from entering the system. They perform the functions of healing as well as protecting.

Get a Massage

Massages are ideal for relaxing the mind as well as the body. The soothing movements of massages help ensure a smooth blood flow by targeting focal points in the body. This smooth blood flow ensures the proper running of the bodily functions and prevents external bacteria from entering. It also helps open blocked and runny noses, especially if a vaporub is used.

Take Your Proteins

You must remember not to neglect proteins from your diet during this time. Proteins play a huge part in keeping our immune system strong, especially during the winter. Protein rich foods help to produce ample red blood cells that assist in fighting harmful bacteria from external sources.

Take Vitamin E supplements

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps with the immune system and aging, revitalizing and nourishing cells to fight harmful bacteria and infection. Foods rich in Vitamin E, such as whole grains and vegetable oils, are extremely important during the summer months to keep immunity in check. Apart from food itself, regular supplements can also be taken daily based on the recommended dosage by the doctor.

Maintaining Your Distance with Others

This might seem a bit harsh, but it is essential that you stay at least two feet away from those who show signs of an oncoming flu. This is true even for family members living within the same vicinity since being too physically close to a person suffering from a cold since viral colds can be contagious for many weeks, even after the cold has subsided and medication is being taken.


These health tips and tricks have proven immensely useful to those who have chosen to use them. Give them a try to ensure a good health and to avoid the flu.