The Balance Beam: Mental and Physical health

Written by Pliro
Dec 25, 2017 Last updated: Dec 26, 2017

‘Happiness leads to wellness.’ This is what we all grew up hearing. It is true that there is a strong connection between mental and physical health. If you are mentally fit you will be inclined towards maintaining your physical health. Neglecting mental stresses, sleeplessness and anxiety can often lead to weight gain, lethargy, diminished focus and low energy.

Reasons for Maintaining a Balance

  1. To kill the negativity within yourself
    When you reduce negativity from your lifestyle, you are more likely to enjoy your life. Negativity can exist in the form stress, anxiety, anger, aggression and fear.
  2. Improve focus and concentration
    For the mind to stay focused on the job, both physical and mental healths should be aligned.
  3. For a happy family
    To be able to give your best to your kids, parents, spouse and others that matter, you have to feel good about yourself from within which comes with the right balance.
  4. Fighting obesity
    Adequate exercise and a mind that is free from clutter and stress is the best medicine to treat obesity.
  5. To build self confidence
    A balanced personality makes you aware of your inner strengths which are essential to build your confidence.

How to Maintain a Good Mental and Physical Health?

Follow are a few tips you can try to improve this balance:

  1. Stay hydrated
  2. Eat healthy
  3. Exercise regularly
  4. Avoid eating a lot at night
  5. Limit multitasking
  6. Learn to say no when you don’t want to do something
  7. Sleep well. A good 8 hours of sleep is all what your brain needs
  8. Spend time with your family
  9. Stay Happy and smile
  10. Surround yourself with a positive environment

Where Do We Stand?

In Pakistan, environmental factors play a major role in disruption of this balance. These factors may include power shortages, non-availability of potable water, unemployment, traffic jams, intolerance, insecurity, and the law and order situation. In Pakistan, prevalence of depressive disorders and anxiety is 34% (range 29–66% for women and 10–33% for men). A harsh work environment such as increased work load, decreased labor force, long working hours and lack of mobility can also lead to an imbalance.

Who Can Help?

If you are unable to cope with environmental and social pressures which often leads to an imbalanced mental and physical health. In such a case you can take help from a professional psychologist or a psychiatrist as many professional specialists are available in Pakistan. Instead of being shy and letting yourself fall more and more ill, it’s better to face the problems and talk to someone who can help.

Importance of Consulting Psychologists

It is important for peers to identify mental health issues in their relatives and friends. If such problems are identified, it is important to motivate the victim to visit a Psychologist or Psychiatrist. People in Pakistan generally ignore mental issues and face these in isolation. This leads to complications which can be avoided easily if problems are diagnosed early.

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