Carmen Dell’Orefice Reveals Secrets of Being Ageless

Written by Pliro
Oct 13, 2016 Last updated: Dec 26, 2017

For a countless number of years, the fashion industry has been barraged with preconceived notions of the perfect model. This image constitutes a certain height, a certain weight, and of course, a certain age for the model to be successful. For most top models, they view modelling as an establishing career after which they have to decide what to do with their experiences before hitting the dreaded “thirty”, marking, more or less, the theoretical end of their modelling days. The legendary Carmen Dell’Orefice breaks all such norms by being the oldest super model in the entire world at age 85, completely altering the sensitivities of the fashion industry by redefining the image of the model. She graces us with not just her evergreen talent, but also secrets of being ageless that she is not afraid to reveal. “I want to show the world what it is to be a so-called natural beauty” she says in an interview for the Daily Mail.

  • Being Open
    One of the most admirable traits of this 85-year old super model is that she is unabashedly open about her surgeries and what she calls “medical dermabrasion” that she had to undergo in order to look young and flawless. “There is always something to touch up here or there”, she sweepingly declares on Bright Side, as she talks about her silicone injections for a refined bone structure, her recent double-knee replacement surgery and nose job that her ex-husband talked her into on her 18th birthday.
  • Being Strong
    A major characteristic that can be attributed to Carmen is her strength and fight against frailty. She refuses to show any signs of weakness no matter what she is going through physically or emotionally. During her lifetime, she has received her fair share of mishaps and unfortunate incidents but has not allowed them to bring her down. Instead, she has used them to mold her life by taking control of her drawbacks. Before her modelling days began, she said that “my dream was to become a ballet dancer, but after a year in bed with rheumatic fever at 13, I had grown too tall, and had no muscle tone left”. Even today, the super model adorns herself in fashionable attire and high heels, representing a woman of power who knows how to present and carry herself in public with elegance and beauty.
  • Taking Care of the Body and Skin
    Carmen does not believe that watching after one’s figure is and should ever be made into a complicated task. She stresses the need to practice “self-discipline, and understand what you have been given genetically”. In other words, she mainly talks about taking physical flaws and using them to one’s advantage rather than trying to hide them or be ashamed of them. She is also extremely careful about how to take care of her skin, whereby she claims to sleep with sunblock at night in case she forgets to put it in the morning. She also talks about the importance of taking care of the body and skin internally, since that is what makes all the difference externally as well. She mentions two things by which she does this, which are to “drink water with lemon juice in the morning, and eat plenty of probiotic yoghurt”.
  • Path to Self-Discovery
    The super model strongly advocates her right to be who she wants to be whether others like it or not. She inspires young women all over the world by narrating moving stories of her path to self-discovery. “It took me half my life to understand who I was. How could I be true to anything when I didn’t know myself?”. She has a firm belief in the fact that no career path can make you successful if you do not take charge of who you are. Her words of wisdom suggest the need for a fine line to be drawn between what people expect of you and how much you are willing to change yourself without giving up your identity completely.
  • Finding Happiness
    What follows her journey to self-discovery is the path to happiness. She uses the term “satisfied” when she describes her life, and talks about the small things in which she finds contentment. “Happiness is a quiet indulgence I do on my own. I live alone and enjoy doing most domestic things myself. I like living simply and cooking occasionally for small groups of friends”. Her ideal lifestyle does not consist of glamorous parties and social events, which is one of her biggest secrets to remaining psychologically sound and at peace with who she is and what she has achieved.
  • Not Afraid to Disagree
    A commendable quality that Carmen displays is her independent thinking and the opinions that she values. Even after being surrounded by fashion for years, she stays true to her beliefs and is not afraid to voice them. She talks about the way young models are taught to walk, pose and act in certain constricted ways that do nothing much, other than objectifying their bodies. “There is a lack of refinement, there is no romance”, she says, being a true romantic herself since she believes strongly in the concept of love and fulfilment that should be the sole purpose of one’s life.

All in all, her secrets reveal that Carmen Dell’Orefice has made a name for herself by taking charge of her life and staying true to who she is and what she believes in. Her physical appearance is a sheer reflection of how she has dealt with life, staying strong in the face of adversity and taking whatever has been thrown at with grace and dignity. She is not afraid to voice her opinions and be honest about her looks, which is what makes her an icon and an inspiration for all future models to come.