How To Deal With An Arrogant Doctor

Written by Pliro
Dec 19, 2016 Last updated: Apr 1, 2019

Doctors‘ personalities have become a hot topic nowadays. This is not only because pleasantness counts toward patient satisfaction, but also because patient interactions play an important role in positive outcomes. If we consider that the only reason we are visiting the practice is because we are are unwell, then facing an unemotional personality may leave us feeling unsatisfied. This may result in being counterproductive to improving our health condition. So what can you do, as the patient, if the doctor you are seeing appears uncaring or arrogant? How do you deal with a rude doctor, who acts like it’s all a waste of their time? Here are a few tips on how to deal with an arrogant doctor.

Tough Schedules

Firstly, it’s good to acknowledge why doctors act the way they do. In most cases, doctors themselves have admitted that it’s hard to always maintain their patience. Therefore, it is easy to recognize that it is their frustration that triggers a snappish response. Also, if you throw into the mix their heavily scheduled days, doctors have less time to see each patient and answer questions Hence their impersonal and somewhat robotic response is understandable.

High Status

Their narcissistic nature can also come about due to their sense of pride and high status within their community. This notion is particularly true for Pakistani doctors who are highly valued throughout the country. A doctor falling into this type of category will think that everything he tells you is right, or the best answer. He will resist discussion, may ignore you or get angry if you have too many questions. It’s his decision, no ifs or buts; you are required to do as he says or are given the ultimatum to leave and find another doctor.

Doing the Job as a Doctor, Not a Friend

For doctors like these you should understand that under confrontation, this individual will probably deny having an egotistical personality or inferiority complex. By complaining, you won’t help him become the warm and caring doctor you want. You should realize that the main reason he has developed such a closed off personality is simply because it serves his purpose. He doesn’t want to be pleasant, friendly or kind because he wants to maintain a distance between himself and his patients. And so, he leaves them intimidated so that they avoid to get to know him any better.

Don’t Judge Work Based on Personality

By knowing that he doesn’t want to be friendly, your best approach is to not try to make him your friend, as some patients expect from their doctor. Also recognize that his difficult personality is not a true reflection of his abilities as a medical practitioner. A bad personality can still lead to an amazing doctor. His diagnosis might throw you off but it could be the exact thing you need to get better.

Communication is Key

It is also very important to remember that communication regarding your illness and treatment, between both parties is critical. Therefore, ensure that his negative personality doesn’t stop you from communicating important aspects of your condition. You should try to smooth out any disruptions in your conversation by stating that you understand what he has explained to you. Remind him that you’re both on the same team; to make you feel better.

Research and Preparation is a Must

The most important aspect of a relationship with this type of doctor is that you will have to work hard. This is so you can ask the questions you need to ask, get the answers you need to have, and get the attention and service you deserve. For this, a little preparation before your appointment is vital.

Do Not Waste His or Your Time

It is important to avoid wasting valuable time during your appointments to reduce as many delays as possible. As mentioned previously, doctors are in high demand and have tight and fixed schedules. Being late to an appointment, means that their whole day has to be shifted and they may have to work overtime. In this case, do not be surprised if they end up being miserable and rushed during your treatment.

Lastly, if things don’t seem to be working with a doctor, there is no point in visiting him. Look for a better alternative since there are so many skilled specialists out there. Thus, you’re bound to find someone soon who is friendly in nature, as well as being a great doctor.