How Dentists Earn a Lot?

Written by Pliro
Sep 4, 2017 Last updated: Oct 30, 2018

Medicine is one of the best professions for making a good living. The industry has its challenges and it often takes lots of dedication and hard work for a doctor to start earning good money. Between all medical fields, dentistry happens to be on the higher end of the spectrum in terms of financial profit. Let us read further on to find out what makes this possible.


Income Boost

Most of us who are not doctors or dentists are used to a life where we get small raises as our work performance improves over time. However, dentists receive a huge boost in income. When you work under someone, your pay is decent, but as soon as you start your own practice, there is a huge rise in pay. This is because this business does not depend on growth within the company, in order to require promotions. Therefore, dentists are in high demand, which is why you are not afraid to charge people accordingly.

You are your Own Manager

An MBA student earns a degree in management, business and finance. Dentists earn a degree in dentistry, yet they are expected to figure out how to manage their accounts as well. In other words, being a dentist is about being proficient in your job, but also treating it like a business. Therefore, dentists are their own managers and run their business as they please. Due to this, dentists charge patients according to the kind of service they intend to provide.

You Always Have Patients

If you have a good reputation generally, you do not have to worry about patients coming in. This is because in Pakistan, every other child, as well as adult, needs help in dental care. The number of children with cavities has reached abysmal heights, due to the consumption of junk food. Secondly, diet and lifestyle in general has become extremely poor, with no way to find out whether food is from reliable sources or not. Lastly, there is a general lack of calcium and vitamin D, which is why bones and teeth suffer the most. Therefore, dentists there are always patients in dire need of a dentist.

Braces Are Expensive

One of the greatest ways dentists can make money is with braces. Once you get your braces from somewhere, it is not likely that you will change the dentist before the whole treatment has been complete. Braces use about two years to even six or seven years in order to fix tooth problems. That is followed by retainers which need to be worn for another year or two, and regular visits to the dentist are required during this time. Furthermore, braces are highly expensive, which is why it is a great way for dentists to make money.

Teeth Whitening

In recent years, people have become obsessed with teeth whitening. This is more so due to the huge consumption of tea, coffee, chocolate and various other tooth staining food items. Additionally, people have become more aware and conscious of their looks in general. Teeth whitening is a major step towards an attractive smile, and a healthy look. Therefore, scaling, whitening and polishing have become more of a fashion statement, than a health concern.

All in all, the dental industry is much more versatile than it seems, in terms of services it provides. Therefore, it also happens to be a major money making industry, and helps dentists hugely in terms of finance.

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