Down Syndrome – Myths Vs Facts

Written by Pliro
Mar 21, 2019 Last updated: Mar 26, 2019

Down Syndrome also know as the trisomy 21 is a genetic disorder that initiates because of the presence of all or third copy of chromosome 21 in human body. It is typically a genetic disorder with physical growth delays, mild to moderate intellectual disability, and characteristic facial features.

Symptoms of Down Syndrome

  • Decreased muscular movement
  • Flat facial features and expressions
  • Short neck with excessive skin at the back of the neck
  • Upward slanting eyes and white spots on the colored part of the eye
  • Poor judgement
  • Short attention span
  • Delayed learning
  • Speech impairement

In order to understand the disease better, it is important to know certain facts about it and eradicate any myths related to it.

Down Syndrome, certain myths & facts.

There are also certain things that one should be knowing and taking care of regarding the down syndrome.

This world down syndrome day, lets not leave any one behind and help anyone around you who has Downs Syndrome by understanding them. For more details and regular checkups with doctor do not hesitate to book an appointment today.