Effects of Diabetes at a Young Age

Written by Pliro
Nov 21, 2017 Last updated: Nov 23, 2017

In the rut of our busy lives, we often ignore the importance of our health. Taking care of ourselves is crucial to leading a successful life, since it affects our performance at work. Furthermore, it affects our attitude and mental health as well. Being diagnosed with diabetes at a young age is a major indicator that we are not taking care of our health. Here are some ways that show how diabetes affects you in your twenties.

Unexpected Turn of Events

Because you think that you are young, you automatically assume that nothing serious can happen as far as health is concerned. Furthermore, there are so many other things in your life that you are worried about that you often tend to completely neglect your health. Getting diagnosed with diabetes at such a time can be shocking and traumatic. Additionally, it becomes more difficult for you to start taking extra care of your health as well as focus on other things. This would not be the case had you been cautious about your health earlier on. Soon enough, you find that everything you do revolves around your diabetes. Your short as well as long term decisions are impacted. It is not just as easy as avoiding sweets for the rest of your life. Your entire future is in the hands of your condition. For instance, the number of hours you can work, and even the kind of work you do is impacted. If your job is one where you have to sit all day, you might want a readjustment, or think about how a workout or some form of activity can be included in your day.

Diabetes Affects the Rest of Your Life

This is not a minor flu, or common cold that we are talking about. Diabetes is a life long health condition which only gets better or worse with time. You need to be aware of the fact that once diagnosed, you’ll always be stuck with it. Furthermore, it carries a lot of mental and emotional stress of an added set of necessary precautions that need to be taken in daily life. These can include insulin injections, a bunch of tablets, pills and medications, as well as regular checkups with the doctor. It can be quite stressful to worry about studies, careers and your future along with worrying about blood sugar levels going up or down.

Medical Bills and Expenses

One of the worst things about diabetes in your twenties is the expenses that comes with it. Think about it, this is the time when you are studying or working to secure a future for yourself. Imagine adding a whole bunch of medical bills on top of that. Hospital bills, especially at a well renowned private hospital are not affordable for everyone. Therefore, you may need to work even harder to pay bills for a disease that you know will stay with you for the rest of your life. It also becomes a matter of quality health service which is expensive verses an affordable option that is not satisfactory.

Fluctuating Blood Sugar Levels Take Their Toll on Your Mood

Experiencing mood swings becomes a common aspect of your personality. High blood sugar can make you impatient, irritable, or extremely thirsty. Low blood sugar can make you nauseous, dizzy, excessively tired or drowsy. This makes it hard to focus on positive aspects of life, and depression may start to kick in at a very young age. Furthermore, medication can have further affects on your mood. This makes it hard to concentrate and perform activities that require physical and mental strength. Mental fatigue can also occur, since it is extremely hard to relax when something as big as diabetes is always on your mind.

Pregnancy Can be Affected

For diabetic women, one of the most difficult things to deal with is pregnancy. As it is, pregnancy comes with it’s own hormonal changes that affect your mood, body and health. Having diabetes makes matters worse more often than not. Having a body with complicated health issues is much more difficult to monitor and take care of when it is bombarded with a whole new phenomenon for 9 months. Furthermore, you need to be extra cautious about your sugar levels and health at such a time because you are not the only one being affected, but so is your baby. Delivery time could become much more risky and complicated.

Not Taking Diabetes Seriously Can be Life Threatening

According to research, not caring about diabetes can be more harmful than you can imagine. Getting diagnosed with diabetes at such an early age is a major health issue to begin with. Thinking that it is not serious is even worse. There have been cases where people can go blind, get limbs amputated, become hospitalized, or even get ulcers. After you know you have diabetes, symptoms or no symptoms, it is crucial that you turn your life around and make some serious health adjustments.

In conclusion, lack of care about ourselves affects poorly all other aspects of life. Therefore, do not neglect your health, since worrying about it later will only make things more difficult in the future.