Ensuring A Healthy Future of Skilled Girl Child-force

Written by Pliro
Oct 11, 2018 Last updated: Apr 1, 2019

Girl Child and Her Importance

All human beings have the right to human rights including, civil, social, economic, political and environmental rights. Many a times, a male gets priority over a girl child in many countries, cultures and societies. This is especially true in case of under developed and developing countries all around the world.

Pakistani rural and underdeveloped areas face the same problem. A girl child has lesser access to cleaner environment, education, food, and other aspects of a happy life. The percentage of girl labor child is far more in such areas as well than the male child as well.

International Day of the Girl Child

The international day of the girl child is a message by the United Nations to the entire world about the importance, rights and needs of a girl child. It is also commonly known as the “day of the girls”. The purpose of this day is to initiate and maintain awareness about the opportunities and equal rights for female children. It also defines the purpose of eradicating discrimination towards girls for legal rights, medical care, nutrition and violence.

Pakistan: Cultural Rights and Needs of a Girl Child

Pakistan has often seen upbringing of a girl child in a more discriminatory environment than most underdeveloped countries. Female children are not allowed to attend schools, eat healthy, live freely, and are bound to work in labor market in different rural and under developed areas where awareness about her rights is negligible. The girl child also faces the issue of early marriage and upbringing of children when she herself needs care and attention.

Although, human rights and civil order for anti discriminatory factors are in place, still, some affected areas have shown the same mal-practices towards such equal rights for girl child. Girls and women still face discrimination and violence despite strong anti discriminatory actions by the government.

Main areas that have been seen at their worst for girls in Pakistan are:

    1. Malnutrition as the distribution of food in the house is affected by gender discrimination
    1. The above factor leads to major health issues in later stages of life. Issues like nutrient  deficiencies, osteoporosis, anxiety, depression and other fatal diseases are more common in females.
  1. Hindrance in opportunities not in health, education, career and physical activities like sports and extracurricular stuff.

Harassment and Sexual Abuse

A girl child not only faces discrimination in the above mentioned factors, but often sees hindrance in her social life. Her sanctity is at stake when she steps out of the house. Even at times, her home is not safe for her. Pakistani cities have recently seen a higher rate of sexual abuse, harassment and such cases leading to deaths of the girl child. Although, government is taking steps to avoid and protect the girl child, there are several social aspects to this scenario as well.


We all need to work together to bring awareness and create more opportunities in every cycle of life for girls. Some factors to work on combined with the above, are:

    1. The health of the girl child should be taken care of as it is as important as that of the male child or any other person in the family.
    1. Proper facility of education should be provided to her as well, as she is the homemaker and brings up children in the house. If she is educated and skilled, she will bring up the children well with better environment to live in and survive.
    1. Initiate and improve the career facilities for females that bring about changes of the cultural mindset.
  1. Create better sports and physical activities’ opportunities for girls. Skilled Girl Force is better than a scared, unconfident girl child who cannot even think for herself.  Such children cannot up bring a healthy lifestyle in future and face consequences as well for being weak and unconfident.

Such changes can even change the mindset of mothers from the rural and underdeveloped areas who think that the life of a girl child will always remain the same. 

Awareness programs, health blogs, and strictness on following the equal opportunity rights can help a lot in boosting the girl child rights and having her avail all opportunities in all walks of life. A Skilled Girl Force can up bring a strong society in the future.