Fawad Khan’s Diabetes Story

Written by Pliro
Nov 29, 2017 Last updated: Mar 29, 2019

When we see TV stars on the big screens, we automatically tend to make assumptions based on their physical appearance. Flawless skin could mean a life so comfortable that these celebrities do not need to go out in the sun. Well-toned bodies could mean they only eat organic and work out with personal trainers. Silky hair could mean they invest only in pure extracted oils. However, what our naive little minds cannot fathom is an actor with a perfect body, perfectly silky hair, and perfectly young looking skin with one of the most severe chronic diseases in Pakistan. What better example to describe these traits than the superstar Fawad Khan. Moreover, what better chronic disease than the dreaded diabetes. Here is Fawad Khan’s diabetes story.

The Celebrity’s Background

Fawad Khan has become an international name, being praised for his talent not just in Pakistan, but in India as well. Some of his most popular work as a TV actor in Pakistan can be seen in drama serials and telefilms. Before becoming a TV actor he was one of the lead vocalists for the band, Entity Paradigm. However, it was his acting that led him to fame, and eventually, to aim even higher in India. He delivered some major blockbusters such as ‘Khoobsoorat’, and the highly acclaimed ‘Kapoor and Sons’. He has recently starred as a guest judge on a successful reality music show called ‘Battle of the Bands’. With all this fame on his side, one would think that the actor is living a life of glamour and comfort. However, everyone has their share of problems to deal with.

Root Cause of Diabetes

Although it may not be due to one reason, the actor himself blames one thing in particular to be the root cause of his type 1 diabetes – Smoking. According to bollywoodlife, he has reported to have started smoking in school. Furthermore, it was due to a particular incident when he was 17 that made him realize he was diabetic. He describes smoking after taking a swim. He narrated the story of how he was standing against raw concrete pipes in the pool, “I got scratches and cuts. But I jumped back into the swimming pool. The water had not been treated that day. I developed a terrible infection. I lost 10 kilos. That’s when I realised that I was diabetic.”

Type of Diabetes

According to The Times of India, Khan describes the disease in detail, and the type that he is diagnosed with. The actor has diabetes mellitus type 1, which is the more rare out of the two diabetes, as it affects one out of ten people. It is a viral disease that can severely mess up the immune system, as it did his. He explains how the virus attacked his pancreas and destroyed its insulin making capabilities. Furthermore, he said that it requires great care since blood sugar levels can be disturbed by what one eats. It landed Khan in the hospital when it first affected him. Additionally, it is said to be incurable since you are insulin dependent from day one, unlike type 2 diabetes in which you may eventually need insulin if you do not make lifestyle changes.

Dealing With the Condition

Now that he knows about his condition and how serious it can be, Khan is taking as much care as he can to deal with it positively. He has said to have procured a wireless pump. This pump is no ordinary pump, since it is designed especially for diabetics. It calculates the number of calories in the food one eats and then determines the number of units of insulin needed. Furthermore, upon pressing a button it automatically starts pumping insulin to the body. This device might be a game-changer for the celebrity, as he adds that “Science is truly amazing!”

Outlook on Life

Even though he was diagnosed with diabetes at such a young age, Khan does not let it bring him down. He has been battling it since he was 17 and is dealing with it in the most positive way possible. Furthermore, his beliefs still show how he is grateful for all the opportunities he has been given in life. One of his most positive messages is about looking at the world from another’s perspective… “Look from the blind man’s eye…. You can paint the picture, the way you like about this world, so why not think positive and make this world more beautiful for yourself and others?”

If you also think so that you have diabetes or fighting it, do not hesitate to visit an endocrinologist.