Healthy Breakfast Options

Written by Pliro
Sep 17, 2018 Last updated: Sep 17, 2018

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. A good breakfast helps start metabolism, aiding in burning calories throughout the day. It is very important to help you get the things done and focus at work. Those are just a few reasons why it’s the most important meal of the day. Let’s take a look at a few different healthy options for a breakfast:

Oats – Around 389 calories per 100g



We simply can’t recommend this meal enough. Although oats are a very traditional part of many countries breakfast, they are becoming more popular among those interested in nutrition and health.

The renewed interest in oats as a healthy breakfast option comes from recent scientific research. Simple sugars are easily processed in your gastrointestinal system and can easily be converted into energy and fat. Those without very active lifestyles will probably start accumulating fat rather quickly if they eat high amounts of simple sugars (like sucrose). Complex sugars in the other hand are more difficult to process and tend not to be converted into fat as easily as their more simple counterparts.

Oats are not only recommended for average people. Diabetics and those who suffer of high blood pressure can also experience some benefits as oats can help them to control their conditions. You can even prepare a delicious Muesli with oats, yoghurt, nuts fruits. Just keep a check on the quantity of as this recipe can get high in carbs.

Greek yogurt (Around 310 calories per cup)

Greek yogurt is similar to normal yogurt but it has less sugar and more protein per portion. A lot of people are including this delicious treat as part of their breakfasts; mainly because of its flavor and convenience (it can easily be used as a topping or filler).

Greek yogurt is also considered as a pro-biotic, meaning that it carries a lot of “good” bacteria. These can interact with the bacteria that you already host in your intestines. As a result one can have better digestion, weight loss, recovery after bacterial depletion (due to heavy treatment with antibiotics for example) and is also a perfect food if you want to eat something light after food intoxication.

Greek yogurt also has high levels of calcium, an extremely important mineral for bones, muscle and many physiological processes in your body. It also has iodine, which is very important for those who suffer from hypothyroidism and can promote weight loss.

As we mentioned, the yogurt is very versatile and can be included in many different recipes like fruit smoothies, potatoes with cheddar, pancakes, etc.

Besan Ki Roti (around 104 calories per serving)

This is a very light meal, perfect for vegetarians or those who don’t like eating sugar meat early.  It is usually prepared with vegetables like onions (a very popular ingredient). Although you can also make it as plane as you like. The dough is made from Besan (chickpea flour) which is the true element responsible for its status as a healthy option for breakfast.

Besan is low in cholesterol, has high levels of iron, magnesium, folate, free of gluten and high in fiber. All of these elements combined can provide a lot of benefits. Some of the major ones are helping in controlling diabetes and cardiovascular disease, regulate appetite, adding iron to your diet (especially important for anemic individuals), lose weight, and protect you digestive system.

You can add anything to this meal, however, we recommend being careful about any extra ingredients, as any addition will increase the amount of calories ingested and (depending on the ingredient) can reduce the healthy benefits of Basan.

Fruit Smoothies (240-280 calories per cup)

Smoothies are drinks made from fruit, milk and other dairy products. They’re usually sweet and there are many different recipes to make them. Drinks made from vegetables are healthier; however, most people will agree that fruit is better to start the day.

As we mentioned, there are many ways to make smoothies. Strawberries, bananas, peaches and many other fruits can be used. So, we decided to include them all as a single item. In general, smoothies are meant to be a full breakfast (not a side) they are both a meal and a drink.

Liquefying food makes it easier to digest, reducing the stress for your body. Also, smoothies are an excellent source of hydration, they also have interesting effects over your appetite, can make you feel fuller for longer, reducing those cravings during the day.

Some smoothies can also help you sleep better and easier; banana and kiwi smoothies are great for this purpose.

Aloo Matar sandwich (around 215 calories each unit)

Aloo Matar is a very simple dish made from potatoes and beans that can be made quickly and taste great with bread.

When it comes to health benefits, the beans are the most important ingredient. They are filled with fiber and antioxidants which are excellent to fight chronic diseases like hypertension or diabetes. Beans are low in calories and have been linked to cell protection and are rich in vitamins and folate. Vitamin B6 is great for people with anemia, cognitive problems and can reduce the risk of heart disease. Vitamin C is mainly a common antioxidant and folate helps our body to produce blood cells.

Some studies have related a bean-rich diet to shinier skin, better hair and reduced inflammation (which can reduce the risk for a number of diseases)