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Jun 13, 2019 Last updated: Jun 13, 2019

The configuration and placement of healthcare facilities and medical units in an area reflect the effectiveness of practice of medical field and how the government of that country fulfills public responsibility of provision of healthcare. Among so many sectors of Islamabad, there are also many good hospitals in Sector I of Islamabad that can be visited for regular checkup.

Pakistan is known for its IT and Medical sectors due to the knowledge base it has. The doctors and engineers it produces everywhere are renowned worldwide. Every metropolitan city has high-tech facilities not just in any field but healthcare especially. Islamabad, being a hub base for such services, many sectors and areas of the city are equipped with best and state of the art medical care units and hospitals.

Let us look around for the hospitals in sector I and what kind of healthcare facilities it has in store for the general public.

Hospitals in Sector I

Shifa International Hospital

Contact: +92-51-846-3000,3666,4646

Website: https://www.shifa.com.pk/

Shifa international is one of the biggest facilities of medical and healthcare units all over Islamabad.  It is an accredited institute with the foreign facilities and is a renowned hospital for state of the art medical and aid facilities for all kinds of patients. Though at the financial side, it may be more than expensive and can be rated 5 star for its charges and fees, however; for public, it is generally a better option overall when it comes to bringing specialized doctors and healthcare staff to town.

Shifa has its own online health care portal to access test reports/results and for booking appointments. Each department’s contact info is displayed and one can easily book an appointment with any doctor. The emergency and OPD is always filled and there is still room for more patients to come. It not only has a complete medical care hospital, but also a specified and specialized unit in G-10 for renal disorders and dialysis. They have a medical center in F-11 as well and certain test collection and sample collection units all around the area for the ease of patients.

Best Health Dental & Medical Clinic

Contact: +92-51-2540254

It is though a small concern in I-8 Markaz, yet it has one of the best dental care facilities available. Open between 1500 hours till 2100 hours for 5 days a week, anyone can get an easy appointment for a regular dental check up to critical treatments like root canal, dentures fixation etc.

Ali Hospital

Contact: +92-51-4444435

Ali hospital is situated in I-9 markaz Islamabad, and is known for its 24/7 services. The best thing about this hospital apart from the usually available medical services is the concentration it puts on accidental cases and healthcare services for students from any educational institute. The hospital has a huge parking facility for ambulances and general public. The hospital has its own laboratory and testing facility as well.

Family Health Hospital

Website: http://www.familyhealthhospitalislamabad.enic.pk/

Contact: +92-51-4447254/4446840

The hospital is a small concern in I-10 sector. It is a 24/7 working facility with major healthcare units like cardio, renal, gastro, paeds, gynae, OPD, emergency units and OTs. The facility is a successful unit known for prompt services and dealing with patients by providing the support of best healthcare practitioners like Dr. Shahbaz Ranjha. The medical store besides the hospital is a 24/7 working concern as well and can provide any kind of prescribed medication on time. The support staff is cooperative and friendly.

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