How Binge Eating Can Adversely Affect Your Health

Written by Pliro
Sep 1, 2016 Last updated: Dec 29, 2017

You may have heard how it is unhealthy to take a few huge meals and taking small but frequent meals throughout the day is beneficial for the digestion, metabolism and general health. Now take both of these ways of eating and combine all the negative qualities that you can possibly think for each of them. Make your meal huge, consisting of all sorts of fattening and non-fattening foods as well as making it frequent and irregular. What describes this sort of a meal intake is called “Binge Eating”. Furthermore, according to, “Unlike bulimia or anorexia, binge eaters do not throw up their food” which means that all the food actually stays inside to mess up the body and its systems. Here is an in-depth look into the various problems that can occur due to binge eating disorders.

  • Being Overweight
    When the intake of food is not watched, the metabolic rate slows down. This is because you do not allow your bodies to process and break down the food before taking your next meal, which is why an access causes fat to deposit in your body. Even though average sized beings may suffer from binge eating disorder, most people with BED tend to be overweight since burning fat becomes excessively difficult for them when most of their time is spent eating and drinking.
  • Diabetes
    Because of the excess of fat reserves and sugars in your body, diabetes may be a likely outcome of your BED. Because the body is unable to utilize insulin correctly, it can result in blood sugar levels to become hard to control. Diabetes is a common disease in Pakistan, especially in women due to a staple diet consisting or rotis (bread) and rice. Excess of these carbohydrates due to over eating can greatly damage your heart and kidneys.
  • Poor Digestive System
    BED is not just harmful because of the excessive amount of food that is taken in by the body, but also because of the irregular timing of intake. When you over eat at the wrong time, your body is unable to process that time to digest food that you have taken previously. When you take in all sorts of sweet and savory food all at the same time, that is another reason why your body is unable to break down each nutrient in a healthy way. Because of this, digestion often becomes sluggish and may lead to constipation and diarrhea.
  • Depression
    A major adverse reaction to BED is depression, which not many people are aware of. Depression is not just linked to mental stress due to external factors, but your internal physical factors play a huge role in how well you feel mentally and spiritually as well. If your food intake is unhealthy then you might lose your will to work out your body and mind, causing physical lethargy and mental fatigue. With a lack of physical exercise, you do not allow the required amount of oxygen to enter your brain which is important in the revitalization of the brain. Without the desired mental and physical activity, you might start to feel your health depleting and this can cause anxiety, stress and ultimately arouse negative depressive thoughts.
  • Blood Pressure, Cholesterol and Gall Bladder Diseases
    BED is linked to health problems that affect the smooth running of all the major bodily functions and systems. High cholesterol is a direct result of gallbladder issues such as the presence of gallstones which can build up bile in the organs, damaging the liver. High blood pressure can cause serious heart diseases or even strokes by straining the blood vessels and clogging the arteries.

Having said that, BED may become a disease overtime due to your own eating habits but once it becomes a part of your life it is very difficult to get rid of. Frequent medical checkups should be done to ensure that the risk of BED getting worse can be taken care of and physical as well as meditational exercises should be practiced daily in order to keep your body and mind at peace. It is also a good idea to talk to someone with BED to share problems and concerns and how they can be overcome before they become too serious and drastic measures need to be taken. Taking care of physical health starts with making sure that you are mentally healthy, and this will ensure that no internal or external health problem is too large to be solved.