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Feb 21, 2019 Last updated: Apr 1, 2019

Proper Child Development & Impact on Personality

Raising a happy child involves physical development (easily done in most cases) and emotional development. The latter is the one which requires a lot of effort. As a parent is important to try and help your children to understand their emotions and how to properly manage them. However, it is not necessary to fixate too much on the decisions made related to the child´s upbringing, because there is not a perfect plan to achieve a perfect result.

Traditionally in Pakistan, the rearing of children from birth is carried out by mothers. Additionally, aunts, grandmothers, older sisters and household maids can help to raise children; in cases where the mother works. Fathers tend to participate in the decision making process of things like: health care, education and money spending matters.

List of tips to raise a child in a proper & happy way

  1. Create traditions and always try to eat together: this will strengthen the family union. Also, it serves as a means for the whole family to communicate. For example: what did they do during the week? Which activities are pending? These rituals can also include board games or going to a park every weekend.
  2. Create reasonable limitations: is necessary to explain the logic behind the rules imposed to children, so they are able to understand that it is not an arbitrary measure. In addition, it demonstrates responsibility on the parent’s side.
  3. Involve them in home activities: this will teach them a very important value: responsibility. Things like taking out the trash, washing dishes, or walking the dog will show them the value of work and not take anything for granted.
  4. Focus the attention on the process of things, not on the result: by forcing children to fulfill all the achievements can cause anxiety problems (among other things). Therefore, recognizing effort, attitude and good behavior will give them better results in the end.
  5. Maintain a stable relationship, in addition to prioritizing your marriage: the emotions are in some way contagious. For example, if there are problems in the marriage or with one of the parents; the best way is to try to solve this problem so that it does not affect the development of children. Additionally, by leaving aside their marriage and focusing all attention on children, parents become anxious and exhausted. Stressed and tired parents create the same condition for their children.

Sometimes during the upbringing of children there may be challenges for which it is important to seek help and not let prejudices or anything else delay the need to improve the relationship with children. Many parents need support, which can come from family and friends. However, if parents are concerned about the child’s development involving depression, anger and violence; it is necessary that the help comes from trained professionals to deal with this type of situation. These people will provide the essential tools to help in the emotional development of children, and to deal with their behavior.

Is very important to ask for help and accept when it is offered. This depends on children being able to develop and grow in a healthy way to face the next stages of life. In the following link you will find a list of professional clinical psychologists and counselors who will be able to clarify any doubts regarding the upbringing of children, and how this will affect them in the future.

Link: www.pliro.com/search/all/clinical-psychologist