Laser Hair Removal – Effectiveness & Types

Written by Pliro
Feb 28, 2019 Last updated: Apr 1, 2019

This is an extremely common and popular procedure in many countries. The principle behind this technique is quite complex. Basically, hair removal is accomplished by photo thermoplastic, this means that a wavelength of light (in the form of a laser) is used to essentially burn the hair away by intentionally damaging the follicles. The results can be quite clean and stylish.

Take into consideration that the who and how are important. Results will vary greatly if someone without proper training uses the wrong laser on you.

In this article we’ll present some facts about this method. Please take all of them into consideration before making an appointment.

Quick Facts About Laser Hair Removal

  • Laser Hair Removal is recognized as a medical procedure and it should be performed by trained professionals in a well-equipped and recognized facility.
  • The process can be uncomfortable, but not painful.
  • Experts try to apply the procedure during the early stages of hair growth, so try to trim your hair before the first session.
  • The effects of this procedure will last much longer (months) than other hair removal methods like shaving or waxing.
  • Treatments usually require 8 to 12 sessions and many weeks before being completed.
  • The first results will be observable after 8 weeks.
  • One session can take a minimum of 20 minutes.
  • After each session, you’ll need to avoid anything that may harm or put a lot of stress to your irritated skin.
  • Having no products on your hair (bleach, artificial coloring, etc.) will make treatment more effective.

Types of Laser Hair Removal

In total there are 5 different hair removal systems available today based on the type of laser (wavelength) they use.

  1. Ruby Laser: is the oldest system. New technologies exist that are better and faster. It functions at a wavelength of 694 nm. Some people report 20% to 60%  hair clearance 4 months after the full treatment, but this system is not very reliable overall, also, due to its characteristics is recommended mainly for people with light or fair skin and hair. This is not a very popular system in Pakistan and high-profile hair removal centers don’t use it. Commercial names for this system include: Chromos 694, EpiTouch and EpiLaser.
  2. Alexandrite laser:  This is a much more popular system since it works with a great variety of skin types and can cover a larger area of skin (faster). It works at 755 nm and in some cases, after the full treatment it can lead to 95% hair clearance. 6 months after treatment those number can be around 34% (which is really good). Although this system is very versatile, procedures on fair skin will be the most effective. Alexandrite laser treatments are available in Pakistan under common names like: EpiTouch ALEX, LIPR and GentleLase.
  3. Diode: This is one of the most modern and popular laser hair removal systems available today. It provides around 50% hair clearance after 6 months post-treatment, faster procedures and is gentler with your skin. This system is mainly used for fair to medium-dark skins. It works at 800 nm. Most sources recommend repeated treatments to achieve the best results. Commercial names: Pulsed diode. LightSheer, SLP 1000, LaserLite, and SopranoXL.
  4.  Nd:YAG Laser and LP Nd:YAG: LP is simply a variation of Nd:YAG lasers. These are not as efficient as other systems, but their main appeal is the fact that is the best system for people with dark skin (specially the LP variant). Hair clearance can be around 60% after 6 months of the last treatment, but this method requires more treatment cycles. Another particularity of Nd:YAG is the need to add a carbon suspension on the skin to make it more effective. Right now, this is the most useful method for the population in Pakistan. This systems work at around 1000 nm and are commonly known as: Softlight , Medlite IV, Cutera CoolGlide, Cynosure Elite, Altus Cool Glide and Candela GentleYAG.
  5. Intense Pulsed-Light Source: This system can be used for a much wider variety of skin types since it can be adapted to function at different wavelengths (550 nm to 1200 nm). The hair clearance is of around >52% after 6 months. Repeated treatments are recommended for best results. Although IPLS is available in some places in Pakistan, is more difficult to find than the other methods. Common names: Epilight and PhotoDerm VL.

In conclusion, Laser hair removal is a very appealing procedure for those looking to clear their skin from body hair, anyone interested should know which procedures are best for their skin types and medium-term needs.

Also, these machines can be bought online quite easily, which means that there are plenty of unprepared people offering cheap and “effective” treatments that could severely damage your skin. To book an appointment with a real cosmetologist or a dermatologist, you can use Pliro.