Link between Blood Pressure and Heart Health

Written by Pliro
Sep 27, 2018 Last updated: Sep 27, 2018

Heart is one of the most important organs in a human body as it pumps not just blood to the whole system, but also provides oxygen and nutrients through different mechanisms. World heart day is celebrated internationally to bring awareness to people about cardiovascular diseases and practices that hurt the heart condition. It also commemorates the best practices involved in healthy habits and promotes heart health through bringing awareness to people about how important it is to keep a healthy heart.   

Importance of a Healthy Heart

Why is it so important to keep the heart healthy? Just like a nucleus keeps an atom going, such is the case with the heart and the whole body. It acts as the guiding mechanism to the body via circulating blood along with nutrients and oxygen. It is very important to have proper diagnosis and cautions taken to find root causes of issues related to heart and its health. Else, if a fatal illness hits the heart, there is no way out except increased mortality rate which by far is very high in case of heart diseases.

The connection of the heart and blood is like a tied knot. One cannot function without the other. That is why; healthy blood is the main stream of a healthy heart. The one thing that hits the heart with illness in no time is when a person’s blood condition is not good. Considering many minor and major cardiovascular diseases, abnormality of blood pressure (BP) is one of the main reasons why many suffer from heart diseases.

Blood Pressure Abnormality

Abnormality of blood pressure is quite risky to anyone’s physical and mental health. Hypotension and Hypertension both are crucial illnesses that render short life span and can initiate other common diseases including affecting the heart, blood vessels, brain damage, paralysis, and conditions like lethargy, weakness, dizziness, etc. A correct diagnosis of blood pressure abnormality is necessary for the patient so that any other body organ or part is not affected.

Root Cause of Blood Pressure

The main cause of abnormal BP is some other disease in the body, which treated on time can normalize the pressure levels. It is common knowledge that adults with age between 18 to 40 years have a systolic BP of 120 mmHg by a diastolic pressure of 80 mmHg. Resting BP rate for a person may vary to 90 mmHg by 60 mmHG as well. A healthy diet and a healthy life style, both promote normal pressure range. Some diseases and factors that may cause abnormality of BP are as under:

  1. High cholesterol levels
  2. Sleep apnea
  3. Kidney diseases
  4. Tumors
  5. Use of drugs
  6. Pregnancy
  7. Thyroid Dysfunction
  8. Stress and emotional strain
  9. Over thinking  
  10. High sodium intake
  11. High uric acid levels

These when treated regularly and on time with proper diet and healthy lifestyle, can be cured along with normalizing the levels of BP.

It is necessary for the patient and the doctor as well to have a check over the patient’s BP range along with keeping an eye on the overall factors that can initiate a BP condition. Since high blood pressure is directly related to heart failure and heart attack, it is important to investigate the causes and cure in time.

How Doctors can help?

General physicians and doctors play an important role in keeping people healthy and safe from low and high risk diseases. They should advice the patients with healthy diet plans, the do’s and don’ts of everyday lifestyle in a healthy manner along with  recommending daily to weekly reading habits about health articles and following health tips. For patients, it is necessary to consult good doctors in time and take proper medication and care.

If a BP issue leading to heart safety is to be diagnosed, the doctors should campaign with special awareness programs along with sessions with their patients once in a while to provide health tips about different diseases, conditions of the body that may initiate abnormal BP levels, and advice against unhealthy lifestyles.

Side Effects of BP Medication

Although, BP medication helps in neutralizing the blood pressure levels, longer intake of such medicines has a direct negative impact on the heart. Though every medicine taken may have a side effect, BP medications are no different. They may cure risk of heart diseases leading from BP conditions, but that does not mean that these medicines are fit for the heart.

BP medication has the following side effects:

  1. Lowers heart rate if taken severely
  2. Thinning of blood that can cause dangerously risky heavy bleeding
  3. Dizziness
  4. Lethargy
  5. Muscle relaxation that can cause issue with heart rate
  6. Lowers potassium levels that actually strengthen muscles including heart muscles

This is why, a healthy diet and exercise is advised to BP patients to control the intake of BP medication, along with keeping a control over BP with a healthy living.

Prevention of BP Abnormality for a Healthy Heart

Some factors that everyone can follow to keep a minimal medication intake control BP and keep a healthy heart can be:

  1. Lose extra weight (keep a BMI check)
  2. Exercise consistently
  3. Eat healthy diet
  4. Reduce the level of sodium in diet
  5. Remove drug usage
  6. Quit smoking if someone has a habit
  7. Reduce stress levels
  8. No over thinking
  9. Cut back on alcoholic beverages

Keeping the above factors in mind, one can ask a nutritionist for a healthy diet plan, along with following health tips taken from your doctor or online portals. A healthy heart means a healthy body and a long life.