How to Live in the Air Polluted City of Lahore

Written by Pliro
Jan 9, 2017 Last updated: Mar 29, 2019

We Lahoris live in a city where we have become accustomed to breathing in air that is full of harmful pollutants. This past year, it was the smog that had the residents of Lahore stuck in their homes. Smog caused ascending rates of eye, throat and chest infections. That is not to say that conditions get any better throughout the rest of the year. With dusty winds and unsanitary waters, we need to be aware of ways to live in the Lahore air pollution.

Water Your Garden

Watering your plants and garden helps settle dust and also creates a coolness in the air. Keeping the outdoors clean is as important as keeping clean the indoors. However, you need to be careful about the usage of water, since too much of it may cause puddles, creating pollution problems of their own. Water gets contaminated due to puddles which become nesting grounds for mosquitoes, causing malaria, yellow fever and dengue.

Avoid Using Straw Brooms (Jhaaru)

Since many years, Pakistani households keep straw brooms that are used to swipe the floors and carpets. Swipe as they may, these brooms do not help get rid of dust in any way whatsoever. Rather, they perform the task of swiping dust from the floor into the air and back onto the floor again. For the Lahore air pollution, is best to use soft brooms to swipe away dust and then transfer them to a lifter, or to simply use the vacuum cleaner which is the best to get rid of dust on the floors and carpets.

Use Good Quality Skin and Hair Care Products

The Lahore air pollution not only affects health internally but also externally. Breakouts affect skin subjected to the Lahore air. Hair can become dry and brittle, which is why skin and hair should be treated using good quality organic products. Lately, people have started to realize the benefits of oils. Oils such as coconut oil, castor oil and almond oil are great for both the skin and hair. Apart from oils, some of the most common natural remedies for damaged skin and hair include honey, aloe vera and lemon.

Avoid Heavy Carpets or Dust Trapping Furniture

Heavily carpeted floors are becoming a feature of the past in numerous households nowadays. This is because carpets trap a lot of the tiny dust particles we can not easily see. This is also true for broken hairs and other fragments that are hard for the naked eye to spot. Keeping them clean is harder since they are not suitable for the heat of Lahore. Besides carpets, the same logic applies to certain fabrics or heavily upholstered furniture. Dust accumulates easily in them, making it harder to keep them clean.

Sanitize your Hands

With the amount of dust that circulates the air, your hands need to be sanitized at all times. All sorts of viral diseases and physical issues can occur if germs transfer directly from one place to another. This happens when un-sanitized hands come in contact with surrounding objects. It is helpful to keep a sanitizer with you, especially when you need to go out or eat out. The best way to get rid of harmful bacteria is to wash them with anti bacterial soap.

Consume Anti-Oxidants Daily

The air we breathe affects our lungs and chest since it enters through our nose and mouth. We can get rid of harmful bacteria and toxins in the body by taking anti-oxidants. Some of these include green tea, dark chocolate and even plain water. In this way, we can flush out unwanted substances by these anti-oxidants, thereby improving immunity and overall health.

Avoid Contact with Others While Having Infections

It is extremely important to avoid close contact with others if you have a contagious infection, or if others have it. Face masks prevent the Lahore air pollution from entering directly through the nose or mouth. It is not so much the infection but the spread of infectious diseases that make them harder to treat. It is necessary to get rid of them before they pollute the air around us.


In conclusion, even though the air in Lahore is dusty and polluted, several steps can be taken to help develop our immune system. Harmful bacteria and germs that surround us need to be fought so that they don’t enter our system. Caution is key when it comes to health. Therefore, the first step is to take care of our own bodies before we can help get rid of Lahore air pollution on a bigger scale. You can also visit a doctor for regular checkup to avoid worsening of any health issue.