How To Lose Fat The Healthy Way

Written by Pliro
Feb 19, 2018 Last updated: Feb 19, 2018

What is Body Fat Percentage?

It is defined as the total proportion of fat in your body. Scientifically it is known as the total mass of fat divided by total body mass, multiplied by 100. It primarily measures:

  1. Essential body fat: necessary for the maintenance of life and reproductive function.
  2. The storage body fat.

Having a higher fat content in body leads to obesity and different health risks are associated with it.

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Measuring Body Fat Percentage

Different methods can be used to measure the percentage of fat in your body:

  • Body fat percentage can be measured by taking measurements like weight, height, wrist circumference, waist, collar size etc. Several bedside Calculators are available on websites making easy accessible method.
  • Body Fat Calipers: These are devices used for measuring body fat content by simply pinching the fat with the calipers in one or multiple sites of the body.
  • Other methods include Body Fat scales, Monitors, The Bed Pod, Water displacement, Dexa Scanning etc.

Foods That Support Healthy Fat Loss

Eating adequate calories help with fat loss while starvation leads to increase in fat content and loss of muscle mass as a result of reduced metabolism. More over healthy fat loss will keep you fresh and free from deficiencies. Following food types accelerate healthy fat cut down.

  1. Overnight Oats:
    Overnight soaked rolled oats, soaked in yogurt or milk, served with fresh fruits keeps stomach full for longer hours. It also helps in boasting up metabolism and doing away with belly fat.
  2. Detox Water:
    Made by adding lemon, water melon, ginger or mints leaves to ice cold water. This helps in detoxification and hydration of the body. Also plays an extremely important role in increasing metabolism and fat cut down.
  3. Citrus Fruits:
    Fruits like oranges, water melons, lemons, pomegranate, and grape fruit are best for digestion. They also help by increasing metabolism and getting rid of fat.
  4. High Fiber Vegetables:
    Green vegetables like beans, spinach, carrots, beetroots, and sweet potatoes aid in digestion. They also help by lowering down blood cholesterol levels and getting rid of tough stubborn fat.
  5. Eggs:
    Eggs are one of the best sources of “choline” which is a major fat burning nutrient. It works by turning of the gene responsible for belly fat storage.
  6. Black Beans:
    Another good source of proteins is the black beans. According to researches these known magical pulses are one of the closest to fat burning tablets.
  7. Grape Fruits:
    Grape fruit is rich in bioactive compound “adiopectin”. Adiopectin is involved in breakdown of body fat and helps by reducing appetite. Hence these are amazing known fat burners, can be added in salads or taken in juice forms.

Life Style Modifications

Food alone cannot help in dissolving fat. Moreover fat can rebound once you get back to your previous diet. Hence long term life style modification is the key to long-term success.

  1. Regular Exercise
    Cardio Exercises in which the heart beat increases, helps melting the fat specifically around the belly, thighs and upper arms.
  2. Avoiding Late Night Meals
    Anything eaten few hours before going to sleep is stored as stubborn fat. Therefore, it is advised to always keep a gap of good six hours between dinner and sleep. Mid night meals should not include carbohydrate and sugars.
  3. Breakfast
    As per different researches, people who are regular with early morning breakfasts are better off in terms of weight and fat as compared to those who miss it. Breakfast helps in increasing metabolism and weight loss.
  4. Eating In Small Portions
    Trimming your portions surely helps with weight loss. Dividing three big meals to six small portion meals will help you in keeping your metabolism fast and getting rid of the fat in a healthy way.

In conclusion, healthy fat loss includes both a check on your eating manner and long term life style modification. Fat loss without major nutrient deficiencies is the key towards a healthy body.