Written by Pliro
Mar 30, 2019 Last updated: Mar 31, 2019

Pakistan is a country that historically has neglected the issue of mental health of its population. Even today, only 4 psychiatric hospitals exist for a population of 180.000.000, with patients outnumbering psychiatrists 10.000 to 1.

The truth is that the Pakistani government needs to address the problem of mental illness much more actively. Is estimated that up to 16% of Pakistan deals with some form of mental health problem. Right now, the top concerns are: Depression, schizophrenia and epilepsy. People under the poverty line and Pakistani women in general are more likely to be struggling with these problems. With such a large number of people affected, to ignore this situation is not responsible.

Mental illness in general can create a profound feeling of isolation and hopelessness. People often feel like they are the only ones in the world struggling. Be clear on that you are not alone and you don’t have to go through this without help.

The Meri Kahani campaign launched by Pliro (#MeriKahani) aims to encourage people who live with mental issues. Its emphasis on seeking professional help and share the stories with the world, potentially helping many others.

At the end of the day, our goal is to help as many people as possible through the campaign. Hence, we highly recommend that if you are struggling with mental illness or have found a way to live with it, share your story and experiences. It can be really cathartic to talk about what you felt, what things you needed to work on, what things were actually helpful and which weren’t. Also, other people in similar situations will benefit from knowing that others are going through the same challenges and that there is hope of living a happy life.

The public face of mental illness frequently doesn’t include ordinary people with mental illnesses talking about how they experience the world. This is an essential point of view to let people know that the mentally ill exist, are humans and have feelings, families and aspirations. This is something desperately needed in our current society.

Sharing is helpful, it lets you express your emotions and helps others understand you better. Naturally, you should decide who, where and when to tell.

Seeking professional help is also extremely important if you feel your condition is starting to interfere with your everyday life or makes life more difficult in general. As we mentioned, the availability of mental health professionals in Pakistan is far from ideal. In our site you’ll be able to find contact information for psychiatrists near you.

A good mental health professional can help you to create plans to solve problems, feel empowered, detect thoughts that lead to particular emotional responses, ease pain and enhance self-confidence.

For those willing to share their story and keep their anonymity as well , we recommend you to tell us your KAHANI by emailing us at support@pliro.com or inbox us at www.facebook. com/pliropk