Mistakes you are Making as a Doctor

Written by Pliro
Jul 7, 2016 Last updated: Oct 30, 2018

Yes doctors make mistakes too. But it’s important to realize what they are:

Never saying No
Doctors are always asked to do something extra as a favor. And they find it extra hard to say no to the favor, because their persona makes it mandatory for them to appear noble and selfless. Hence, many a times they are asked to see a patient but charge no fee for it simply because it’s for a good cause.
What about you? Have you ever been asked to do a favor to someone for free? Or have you ever been interrupted in the middle of a meeting by a patient who had nothing important to ask? Try setting boundaries and next when you are treated like a welfare worker, say no. Doctors have to earn and have a family to support too.

Face booking between appointments
Are you regularly caught watching random videos on Facebook during the waiting time between the patients’ appointments? Try doing something productive in that time, like scrolling the Internet for latest medical research or getting down and doing a few pushups. Hey, doctors got to maintain fitness too.
Also, it’s always important like in all other professions, to not take your work home. Unless it’s an emergency, you can leave the work till the next day. It’s always important to get up early and go through your patients’ medical records before actually meeting the patient.

Doing everything yourself
You do everything yourself, and never delegate any task simply because you think you’ll do it quicker than anyone else. But hiring an assistant can not only help you streamline your tasks, but also help you focus on the most important ones.
Hire someone who you can teach and supervise them until they are ready to take responsibility of their own. It may seem an extra task in the start, but it’s a worthy investment nevertheless.

Wasting Your Time
Do you spend a lot of time organizing meetings and chit-chatting during coffee or tea sessions? If so, then something definitely needs to change. Make sure that meetings are always finished on time, and you communicate to the attendees beforehand that this is a time-bound meeting as you have to rush back to work. And if you have to hang out with a colleague on tea, make sure it’s not more than 15 minutes per day.

Not having a life outside of work
Don’t use your work as an excuse to not have a social life. If you have to go to a clinic in the evenings during the weekdays, make sure you dedicate the weekends to your family. Find some community activity outside of work so that you don’t suffer from an obsessive compulsive disorder and don’t become a workaholic, as it can be detrimental for both your personal and professional life.

Killing yourself for the mistakes you make
If you are a surgeon, chances are that you’ll make a mistake at least once in your procedures. Sometimes, you’ll be able to get away with it, sometimes not. But realize that you are a human being too and are not perfect. Learn to forgive yourself and be more careful next time.

Are there any other mistakes that you feel you or other doctors around you are making? Let us know in the comments.

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