Myths About Plastic Surgery in Pakistan

Written by Pliro
Sep 22, 2017 Last updated: Sep 22, 2017

Plastic surgery is an elusive topic in Pakistan, since people don’t know how to feel about it. For this reason, several misconceptions have been construed around the procedure. Let us read on to discover the myths about plastic surgery in Pakistan.

Myth: Plastic Surgery is for Beautification Only


Fact: True to human nature, we are never fully satisfied with how we look. Therefore, we look up to those who we think are better looking and aspire to look like them. However, what we forget is that some people go through severe hardships during their lifetime. Scars, burns and uncommon physical defects can cause severe trauma in individuals. Therefore, their wish is not for beautification, but merely for a look that is more “normal”. To support uniqueness is essential, but to be able to sympathize with such people is important. In other words, unnatural life events may alter one’s look and self-esteem. Hereby, plastic surgery can become a powerful tool in bringing back that much needed self-worth.

Myth: Plastic Surgery is the Same as Cosmetic Surgery


Fact: Cosmetic surgery is the alteration of physical features to enhance aesthetic appeal. Cosmetic surgery is more optional and one can choose which physical feature to modify. However, plastic surgery is categorized as a surgical procedure. It is done to reconstruct defects that are present, which is why it is more need based than option based. Furthermore, is not intended for beautification purposes, but rather as a reconstructive procedure. Therefore, those who opt for a plastic surgery have a very different mental approach as to those who get cosmetic surgeries.

Myth: Anti-aging Creams Don’t Work


Fact: Avoid anti-aging creams before your thirties or late twenties. Firstly, the creams are formulated for older skin. This is because it starts to dry up and sag with age. Anti-aging creams provide a higher oil and moisture content, which can lead to breakouts and acne if you are too young to use them. Secondly. these creams contain Retin-A, which forces rapid skin cell turnover. Therefore, this specifically helps combat fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. Having said that, however, it is important to invest in high quality skin care products, since not all products may perform the same way.

Myth: Liposuction Ensures Instant Weight Loss


Fact: One of the major misconceptions that people in Pakistan have is that liposuction and weight loss are one and the same. In reality, regular exercise and diet control is mandatory after liposuction to ensure that visceral fat does not come back. This refers to the unhealthy fat that may come back in different places if you are not careful. Therefore, liposuction may help as the first major step towards weight loss. However, it certainly is not the only step.

Myth: A Younger Look is Achievable by Removing Facial Fat


Fact: A well toned body gives you a fresher look than one that is over weight. However, a fuller face and youth are associated with one another. This is because with age, one tends to lose facial fat, and the skin on the face becomes saggy and less tight. Moreover, the term “baby-fat” signifies just that very fact. Baby fat tends to disappear as we grow older, and features tend to become more defined. However, it is unhealthy to lose control over one’s body just for a full face, since extra fat could result in the opposite effect.

Myth: Everyone Ages the Same


Fact: Growing old depends on your diet, environmental factors, skin type, genetics and even life events that affect you psychologically. For instance, high stress levels show on the face and skin. Similarly, those who smoke will not likely have as fresh a skin as those who eat salads. Moreover, some people have genetically tighter and thicker skin, while others get saggy skin much earlier. Therefore, some of us may choose to get plastic or cosmetic surgeries because of how quickly we may age.

All in all, plastic surgery is a vast and dynamic topic that requires understanding from more than one view point. It is also important to realize that not all surgery is for the vain, but merely to improve the general mental and physical lifestyle of a person. Having said that, it is equally important to appreciate your natural features, skin and look, since that is where individuality stems from.