Natural Oils for Hair Treatment

Written by Pliro
Aug 20, 2018 Last updated: Aug 19, 2018

Hair issues are one of the most common fashion problem. Most of the people complain of suffering hair loss, dandruff, dry scalp, hair fragility, opacity, low volume or early grayer.

In the market, high amounts of hair care products are available. Many of them are natural but the rest are synthetic and made by chemical complex processes. This brings as a consequence that most of the time, a specific product bought for hair care, causes damage due to their action mechanism.

Natural Oils

Natural oils are an excellent choice for hair care. As the name indicates, they come from a natural source, they are free of toxic chemicals, have no side effects and the most importantly, they are not expensive. Natural oils have a wide range of properties that help people solve most hair issues in less time and turns hair healthier than ever.

Here’s a list of the most recommended natural oils and their benefits on hair care based on scientific evidence.

  • Lavender oil (LO):

Is an essential oil extracted from Lavender flowers. Some studies have demonstrated that LO has a strong hair growth-promoting effect by increasing the total number of active follicles and deepening the follicle base. One of its most important constituent, linalool, has antimicrobial activity, and because of this reason it protects hair from bacterial and fungal infections.  Also, its high amounts of linalyl acetate helps relaxing nerves and turns the scalp smoother. Plus, it has a nice smell and due to its penetration capacity, it combats hair opacity.

  • Peppermint oil (PO):

Is extracted from mint leaves and has been widely used in cosmetology as a fragrance or conditioning agent. Currently, an interest on its potential as a hair growth-promoting factor has arisen. PO is rich in menthol, a potent enhancer that helps the rest of constituents to penetrate the hair fiber. Many studies demonstrated that PO induces positive morphological changes in the hair follicle like its elongation and the swelling of the keratinized shaft. Also, PO relax the smooth muscle vasculature and promotes both, vascularization and circulation of the hair dermal papilla. The latter property, favors an early anagen phase, the active growth stage.

  • Lemongrass oil (LO):

Is an essential oil extracted from lemongrasses (Cymbopogon). Some studies suggest that these lemongrasses have antifungal effects. Because of this reason, they are widely used in the treatment of dandruff, a hair affection caused by accumulation of cells and microorganisms at the scalp surface. Dandruff is characterized by white dry scaling and mild pruritus. The constant flaking of scalp cells brings as a consequence irritation and loss of moisture. Once the lemongrass oil reduces desquamation, the humidity of scalp is restored and greasiness is eliminated.

  • Tea tree oil (TTO):

This is an essential oil extracted from the leaves of the Australian native tree Melaleuca alternifolia. This oil has been used in a variety of skin problems and is used alone or in mixture with shampoos. It is constituted by a mixture of hydrocarbons and terpenes. Of them, terpinen-4-ol has de major antimicrobial activity, mainly against Pytirosporum ovale, one of the causal agents of dandruff. TTO has shown better effects in comparison to other conventional antifungals. It is important to remark that once the dandruff is cured the hair healthy conditions are restored.


  • Rosemary oil (RO):

It comes from the plant with the same name and is commonly used diluted in other carrying oils like extra virgin oil. RO has amazing properties in restoring the health conditions of hair after dyeing and also, counteract the chronic hair loss. The last could be multifactorial and can be present at any age in life.  The amounts of vitamin E turns RO in a perfect cleanser of toxins deposited during hair dyeing. These toxins are the main cause of follicle damaging and early graying. On the other hand, the excessive bind of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) to its receptor at hair follicle is the main cause of hair loss in both women and men. RO counteract this effect avoiding this binding so it is not able to hurt the hair follicle. The result is a stronger hair with a health follicle, a long term natural color and enough volume .

There are a lot of things that could be said about natural oils in hair treatment. Nevertheless, there is a long road to be walked. Nature always offers the best alternatives for our own safe. Most of the current synthetics products are designed following natural structures but they are not that perfect.