10 Organic Foods for Healthy Lifestyle

Written by Pliro
Oct 22, 2018 Last updated: Oct 22, 2018

Nowadays organic food is a bit of a luxury. This is because the methods involve in organic farming are very different from those used in modern farming. One of the main appeals for a lot of people is that organic food, by definition, has never been in contact with synthetic pesticides and was kept under very green conditions.

Now, this causes organic food to be more difficult to obtain and therefore its price is considerably higher than normal, which is something to consider.

That being said, organic farming is better for the environment and farmer’s health, especially in countries where some pesticides known to be toxic for humans are still in use.

The following is a short list of affordable, organic and healthy fruits and vegetable.

Whole Wheat Bread (200 Rs/Kg)



WWB is very rich in fiber. Only 6 slices are enough to fulfill all your fiber needs for 1 day (25 to 40 g). Fiber is extremely important for a healthy diet since it helps satiate hunger better than other kinds of sugars, is more difficult to convert into sugar and can help to achieve better bowel movements.

It also has iron, which plays an important role in your body, mainly, as a critical component of the oxygen delivery system (red blood cells and hemoglobin), DNA replication and energy synthesis.

Some of the following ingredients go very well with WWB (sandwiches):

  • Salmon
  • Turkey
  • Avocado
  • Cheddar cheese
  • Bananas
  • Peanut butter
  • Chicken

Plums (250 Rs/Kg)



Healthy food, sadly has a bad reputation for not always being as juicy or tasty as their less healthy counterparts. However, plums are both delicious and good for you.

One of the main health benefits of plums is due to a chemical compound called polyphenol (PP). PP in plum juice has been associated with a decrease in body weight gain and an improvement in certain areas related to risk of cardiovascular disease.

Some experts recommend drinking plum juice instead of drinks with high sugar content as a strategy to lose weight.

There are a lot of different recipes that include plums; you can find some very tasty options here. Tip: a lot of recipes include sugar, but in almost every case the natural sweet taste of this fruit is enough to make great desserts.

Brown Rice (40 Rs/Kg)



Rice is a very popular food in many cultures, especially in Asia and with good reason; it’s convenient, nutritious and very versatile. A lot of people, however, only see it as a filler food.

Rice is loaded with many vitamins and minerals (manganese, selenium, copper, etc), but we must mention that right now, the most recommended type of rice is not white. Brown rice has much more fiber, vitamins, minerals and healthy fats like phospholipids (PL).

PL are a subject of plenty of research, mainly because some scientist think that it may be beneficial against several human diseases like cardiovascular disease, cancer, etc. Also, it may provide some resistance against side effects of some pharmaceuticals.

As we mentioned, rice is a very versatile food. You could fill an entire book about recipes with rice. Preparation is also very simple.

Salmon is excellent with brown rice.

Lentils (195 Rs/Kg)



We now find a second example of food rich in fiber. Since we already discussed how good fiber is for your health, we’ll move toward other benefits.

Not all benefits need to be nutritional, meaning that not always the thing that helps us does it by providing our body with something it needs to survive. Sometimes it just adds something useful. In the case of lentils, some of its components help against diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure etc.

Potatoes (42 Rs/Kg)



Potatoes are very rich in antioxidants. These compounds are very useful for people with conditions like vitamin C deficiency. In every day situation, having an antioxidant-rich diet can be useful against inflammation, which is the cause of a great number of chronic diseases. These are also low in calories.

Sweet potatoes are specially recommended since their skin is particularly healthy. Obviously fried potatoes are not recommended.

Roasted potatoes with tomatoes and light cheese are a very tasty and healthy side. Here are some other options.

Apple (140 Rs/Kg)



Apples are more impressive than you think. Over the years many health benefits were discovered for the many components of apples: Anticancer activity, reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, reduced risk of asthma, improved status of diabetic people, etc.

Scientists still don’t understand the mechanisms behind these benefits, but there’s enough evidence to suggest that apples are the source.

You will find some fun ideas about apple-based recipes here.

Tomatoes (72 Rs/Kg)



Tomatoes are good sources of vitamins and minerals; they are also low in carbohydrates.

Tomatoes contain a lot of flavonoids, colorful chemical agents that act as antioxidants an has been linked to anti-cancer activity, reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and even some scientists think that they also can help against HIV.

Salsa is my favorite way of eating tomatoes, but you can find a lot more ways here.

Okra(56 Rs/Kg)



Okra is certainly not the most common vegetable in the world but in Asia is now quite popular as a part of many soups and other dishes.

It is very rich in both vitamins and minerals and some of its properties are really useful. Diabetics and people with high cholesterol can benefit by including okra in their diets. It also can help by improving digestion.

You may found something you like over here.

Cantaloupes (50 Rs/Unit)



Cantaloupes have several useful nutrients like Vitamin A, C and potassium, but one of its most relevant components are a group of molecules called carotenoids.

Carotenoids are antioxidants that many think capable of helping against metabolic syndrome, a cluster of conditions very common but not exclusive of overweight people.

You’ll find some interesting recipes here.


Strawberries (400 Rs/Kg)


Strawberries are not only delicious, but also really healthy. As with cantaloupes, they also have powerful antioxidants and are useful against metabolic syndrome.

They also contain a lot of fiber, folate and vitamin C. People with high blood pressure could use more strawberries in their diets since they also have plenty of anthocyanins, which help dilate blood vessels reducing pressure.

Strawberries are probably one of the most delicious fruits in the world, some very clever recipes can be found here.