Plight of Pakistani Doctors

Written by Pliro
Aug 1, 2016 Last updated: Mar 29, 2019

Yes, there are doctors in Pakistan that are engaging in acts of extreme atrocity like deliberately doing a surgery on an organ that was perfectly alright, but there are many other doctors that have to face the plight of being stereotyped despite doing the right thing.

These doctors are often criticized for being avaricious and not being willing to serve the humanity. Here are a few things that the majority of doctors in Pakistan have to unfortunately go through:

  1. Long Working Times:
    If you are a doctor in Pakistan, you know the struggles you have to face on a daily basis. Many of you can’t survive on the pay Government hospitals allot to you, and so you have to resort to private practice to earn a reasonable income. But that means you have to work more than other professionals. You have to work the night as well besides the day.
  2. Low Salary:
    Young doctors in Pakistan are paid a starting salary of Rs. 18k/month. Even a carpenter or a mechanic earns more than that. What incentive is there for millions of Pakistani students to turn into a doctor if their salary is going to make them feel ashamed? The title of doctor only is not sufficient for them to live a decent life.
  3. Brain & Drain:
    According to the Higher Education Commission (HEC), 15,000 doctors leave the country every year, but still there is no step taken by the government to resolve such a crisis. Many of these Pakistani doctors go to the US, UK and the Middle East where they are not only given recognition but also given 20X greater salary than what they were earning in Pakistan. Why wouldn’t anyone choose such an offer? Even then, they still have to face criticism from the public which says that such doctors are greedy for money and are not serving their own country. Well, doctors are not just meant to serve, they are meant to earn a living as well.
  4. Facing Violence:
    But that’s not it. You’ve to face threats every day from gangs and the link whose patient happens to be in your car, that if you don’t cure him well, you will be taken care of. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) carried out a research in Karachi’s hospitals that interviewed doctors, nurses, paramedics and other hospital staff. The research’s findings clearly revealed that the medical practitioners felt demotivated and scared most of the time. There have been several cases where lady doctors especially have been assaulted and even been abused by the patient’s family if the lady doctor failed in the patient’s treatment.
  5. Doctors = Free Workers:
    And then doctors in Pakistan have to face criticism from people who postulate that doctors should only work for serving humanity, and not worry about earning money. According to them, any doctor that asks for greater compensation for his work, is not only greedy but is going against the principles of doctorhood. Guys, doctors have got a family to feed too. Just like other professions, they deserve to charge higher fees for better-quality consultation. Many patients complain that doctors charge a fee for every repeat visit. Well, if the doctors don’t charge any such fee, then the patients will keep visiting the doctor until the doctor gets frustrated.

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