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Jul 1, 2019 Last updated: Jul 1, 2019

Feature Update For Doctors, Dentists & Therapists:

With constant improvements and updated features, we try to create a seamless and easy interface for our end-users. So, the doctors can visit https://www.pliro.com/ right now, login or sign-up here and experience all these updates. Here are pliro’s feature updates 1.5 version.

Queue Based Appointments:

Appointment-booking options now include queue based appointments where patients can be allotted a token number in walk-in clinics or in clinics where specific time-slots are not allotted to patients. This can easily be selected or unselected from the appointment options in Settings.

Queue Based Appointment

POS Printer Support

A thermal printer can now be connected to print invoices. The option can be toggled on from Clinic Identity in Settings.

Patient Search Bar

There is a permanently visible search bar at the top now so that a doctor may easily search for patients by name, phone number or MR number/Patient ID.

Visit Report PDF:

The Visit report pdf has been revamped and allows for customised letterhead spacing so the user can comfortably adjust letterhead settings accordingly.

Urdu Prescription:

Doctors may now make use of the Urdu language capability in prescription by toggling the Urdu as shown: 

English Prescription

The prescription shall then be translated and displayed in Urdu in the final PDF:

To experience all the pliro’s feature updates 1.5 you can visit www.pliro.com and sign up for free if you do not have existing account with us.

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