Pliro Feature Updates – 1.0

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Feb 1, 2019 Last updated: Feb 4, 2019

For Doctors

With constant improvements and updated features, we try to create a seamless and easy interface for our end-users. So, the doctors can visit Pliro right now, login and experience all these updates.  

Expense Recording

The newly introduced expense feature now enables the users to record & monitor cash-outflow from the health center. Consolidated cash-outflow reports are also available. One just need to click on the expense button on the left after logging in and here you go! You can view list of expenses, edit the created expenses and creation new expenses.

Expense Module

Business Service Cost

In the interest of profit calculation for each service and cost vs revenue comparison, the user can now conveniently record the cost for each individual service if required. One just needs to go in the settings and click on the services. Create the service and while adding it, the business service cost can be entered too.

Business Service Cost

Invoice Number Labeling

In the invoice module, every invoice is now recorded and labeled with a unique invoice number (Invoice # MDC68 in the example below). This shall help both the Health Center Manager & the Patient in terms of maintaining accurate reference while further boosting transparency which shall ultimately enforce a more robust defense against cash-leakages and miscalculations thus allowing for the cultivation of beneficial reports.

Invoice Numbering & Labeling

Patient Balance

In the invoices module, the patient balance can now easily be viewed by the user. This includes the Total Amount Payable by the patient vs Total Amount Paid by the patient.

Patient Balance

Invoice Editing

Invoices can now be edited, which is specially useful for recording payments made by patients via installments. However, in the interest of retaining robust transparency and accuracy, complete edit history is maintained. Users may easily view the edit history with timestamps to further facilitate understanding.

Invoice Editing

Staff Management

Health Center Managers with access level ‘✓ Staff Management’ can edit permissions and modular access of Doctors & the Health Centers associated with the relevant Doctors by way of linking or un-linking them.

Staff Management

Urdu SMS Support

Pliro now supports bilingual capability for SMS notifications where the user can choose either English or Urdu ( اُردُو ). An on-screen Urdu keyboard is now also available to facilitate the user in typing custom messages and notifications. You just need to setup your templates in Urdu once and all your patients will receive all notifications and reminders in Urdu.

Urdu SMS Support
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