Pliro Feature Updates – 1.2

Written by Pliro
Apr 2, 2019 Last updated: Apr 4, 2019

For Doctors, Dentists & Therapists:

With constant improvements and updated features, we try to create a seamless and easy interface for our end-users. So, the doctors can visit right now, login or sign-up here and experience all these updates.

Patient Update Date:

Within the Patients tab, the ‘Update Date’ column as labeled in the screen cap below, allows the user to view when a Patient’s file was last made changes to. It also sorts the Patients out in the main view according to this date in chronological order, by bringing the Patient file which was most recently updated, to the top of the list.

Multiple Visitors in Common Appointment:

This caters to a unique requirement, sometimes needed, to accommodate multiple visitors/patients within one appointment.

Comments while Creating an Appointment:

There is now a new comment box in the Appointment-Creation form used to create new appointments where any comments may be added to perhaps serve as a reminder for the doctor, containing any required information pertaining to a given patient or that unique appointment or as needed.

Calendar Tooltip:

The user can now hover their cursor over the Appointment label in Calendar view to view more details about the same.

Invoice Settings – Patient Copy:

The user now has the option to choose whether they wish to add the patient-copy of the invoice in the final invoice pdf document along with the default clinic copy. Patient-copy can be disabled by flipping the switch off as shown for “Add patient copy in invoice pdf?”.

Lead Follow-up & Lead-Profile Page:

In the interest of more precise and effective lead handling, a separate Lead-Profile page has now been introduced where Follow-up notes can be created & viewed. It can be accessed by clicking on the lead as shown below.

The user can also set reminders using the menu in-front of each lead in the listing from the main Leads tab.