Written by Pliro
May 6, 2019 Last updated: May 21, 2019

For Doctors, Dentists & Therapists:

With constant improvements and updated features, we try to create a seamless and easy interface for our end-users. So, the doctors can visit right now, login or sign-up here and experience all these updates.

Dashboard Facelift:

The dashboard has been updated with a fresh new look to incorporate easier tools including Color-coded Panels for Appointments, Patients, Leads, Invoices & Expenses.

Dashboard Panel Options allow the user to choose which panels they wish to see displayed at the top, where each panel will display values updated according to Duration of choice as selected from these options.

Below the Dashboard Panels, are the SMS Count and Reminders tabs respectively.

Scrolling down from the SMS Count & Reminders tabs will bring us to the Profit Statistics tab & the Expenses and Revenue Comparison tab.

Next comes the tab displaying Recent Messages tab which displays the SMS messages sent by the health center to patients & doctors for appointment requests, confirmations and appointment reminders. This is followed by the Service Consumption tab which would display any service offered by the health center that has been consumed in the Duration that was earlier selected at the top as per requirement.

At the bottom of the page, the Recent Appointments tab displays the Patient Name, Date and Status of recent appointments. This is followed by the tab an upcoming feature on Busy Hours.

Quick Access Shortcuts:

Clicking on the Quick Access button at the top of the page on the navigation bar opens up a menu of shortcuts to choose from.

Interactive Patient Name:

Wherever the patient-name appears, it is now clickable and takes the user to the patient’s profile with just one click.

SMS Subscription Overflow Limit:

Once the SMS Subscription for any client has been completely consumed, an overflow cushion of 50 messages will be available before the SMS communication feature is blocked for the health center until the package plan has been replenished. Please replenish SMS subscriptions on time to avoid SMS feature blockage.