Written by Pliro
Jun 3, 2019 Last updated: Jun 10, 2019

For Doctors, Dentists & Therapists:

With constant improvements and Pliro features updates, we try to create a seamless and easy interface for our end-users. So, the doctors can visit right now, login or sign-up here and experience all these Pliro updates.

New Invoice Filters

Using the Invoice Module is simpler than ever before because now the user may choose to view only the most relevant information as and when required by applying a day/date range filter or by applying an invoice status filter. These filters are stored, which ensures that whenever the user comes back, the invoices are filtered as per their previous selections.

Updated Issue Date Range Filter
Updated Invoice Status Filter

Invoices can also be deleted, yet they’ll be accounted for as the invoice status will then display ‘Deleted’. They can also be filtered through in the invoices module.

Updated Deleted Invoice Preview

Smarter Appointment Creation & Rescheduling Options

In calendar view, rescheduling details are also visible when hovering over appointments, if applicable.

While creating a new appointment, or rescheduling one, slot availability is now mentioned.

Slot Availability

Appointments that where the patient failed to show up can be cancelled hence removed from past appointments tab hence reducing clutter and maintain accurate visit records.

Past appointments and appointments rescheduled previously can also be rescheduled again.

Dashboard Tweaks

Any dates selected in Appointments view continue to be applied to Calendar view when navigating to the latter.

Patient-actions and Appointment-actions are available in Appointment information pop-ups and Appointment list pop-ups respectively.

Reports Module Facelift

The Reports Module has been revamped for an entirely fresh new design, making it easier to traverse through reports and finding what you need in a snap.

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