Pliro Mobile 2.0 Has Been Released

Written by Pliro
Jun 27, 2017 Last updated: Jun 27, 2017

We have recently released the latest version of Pliro Android App to public. A similar update for the IOS App is planned for this week as well.

Previous version of our mobile application was just a web view of our web application running in an app container. With more recent usage statistics and feedback from our customers, we realized that the experience of the mobile application was not optimal. The mobile application is mostly used by patients (as opposed to doctors and health professionals), so we decided to address the most common use case of appointment booking in the first iteration of this new version. We will be releasing subsequent versions regularly to cater for the other important use cases. Let’s take a look at the current functionality of the app.

  • The application makes it convenient to search for doctors and healthcare professionals nearby. You can search in all the major cities or choose to find specialists nearby their location.
  • The search results are sorted according to your query and based on their qualification and feedback reviews provided by past patients. You can open any doctor’s profile to find more details or directly choose to book appointment from the search screen.
  • On the appointment selection screen, you can make a selection for a date and time that suits you, provide your name and phone number to proceed.
  • A four digit code is sent to your mobile. You are required to provide the code to verify your identity and confirm the appointment.
  • Details of the appointment are shown to you. A confirmation message is sent to the user as soon as someone in the health center confirms the appointment.

We hope you find this update useful. We are working on some exciting new features for the web and mobile apps and have some interesting announcements coming up soon. Stay tuned!