Preventing Lung Cancer Naturally

Written by Pliro
Nov 5, 2018 Last updated: Mar 29, 2019

Cancer is an abnormal growth of cells in any part of the body that cannot be controlled.  In any form and affecting any body part, cancer has been reported to be fatal. There are more than 100 types of cancer existing in the world, with major cases of blood cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, mouth cancer and more. Cancer has until now, been one of the worst diseases on can suffer from, god forbid.

What is Lung Cancer?

Lung Cancer, similarly, is the abnormal growth of epithelial cells in the lining of the lungs where the air passes. In risky cases where the tumors spread and make it difficult for the lungs to function properly, oxygen levels in the blood stream decrease as the functionality of lungs decreases with time. Tumors do not spread through any infection and those that do not spread are called benign tumors. However, cancerous ones or malignant tumors in the lungs spread through the lining and affect lungs and the functionality of the body in many other ways. Lung cancer can be primary or secondary; former affecting lungs, and latter starting somewhere else in the body leading to lungs. Both have different treatments and symptoms.

Primary Lung Cancer Symptoms

Lung cancer can be causes by many commonly used items in daily life and risk factors in the environment around you. The first and initial symptoms for lung cancer can be:

    1. Prolong cough that does not go away and gets worse.
    2. Coughing blood or rust colored sputum (saliva like).
    3. Heavy chest pain while breathing or laughing hard.
    4. Weight loss.
    5. Loss of appetite.
    6. Shortness of breath constantly.
    7. Hoarse voice.
    8. Chest or constant shoulder pain.

Although most of the above symptoms also arise while one may have flu or any nasal disease, however, prolonged symptoms must be checked thoroughly to confirm about the persisting disease.

Main Causes of Lung Cancer

There are many common and major reasons for one to be suffering from or to get lung cancer easily. There are items and materials all around us in daily life that may increase the chance of infecting people with lung cancer. Some of them are listed below:

    1. Smoking.
    2. Passive smoking where someone else smokes and you inhale that smoke constantly.
    3. Exposure to asbestos (group of naturally occurring minerals, mostly found in roofing, cement, car parts, adhesives, tiles, textiles, roofing, insulation, etc.).
    4. Formaldehyde gas (usually found in building materials, plywood, polished wood, adhesives, burning kerosene oil or gas, etc).
    5. Radon gas (from naturally broken down rocks, soil, water and gets mixed with air).
    6. Cancer causing agents at work like a diesel exhaust.
    7. Air pollution.
    8. Genetics.
    9. Exposure to carcinogens (found in ultraviolet rays, tobacco, arsenic, alcohol, processed meat, engine exhaust, etc.).

Natural ways to Avoid having Lung Cancer

A lot of natural ways and change in the lifestyle can increase the level of averting lung cancer during our daily lives. No one can avoid the risk of having lung cancer, but the chances can be minimized. Some ways one can adopt easily are:

    1. Eat healthy. We should all follow a diet full of fruits and vegetables.
    2. Avoid smoking and second hand smoking.
    3. Check your house and surrounding for formaldehyde and radon.
    4. Avoid carcinogens.
    5. Avoiding sun and UV rays, but to an extent where you get ample sunlight for your body and not overexpose it every day.
    6. Exercise daily and mostly in a week.
    7. Having a diet rich in Vitamin E can reduce the risk as well. It even reduces the risk of lung cancer by 20% in smokers too.

Different studies and health articles online have covered the information regarding the symptoms, causes and cure for lung cancer. A simple google search on ‘What your cough tells you’ and a consultation with doctor can tell you a lot about averting lung cancer, lung disease, and its causes too.