How to Quit Smoking Weed

Written by Pliro
Jun 12, 2017 Last updated: Jun 14, 2017

Weed, commonly known as marijuana is an addictive drug that is currently illegal in Pakistan. It is called cannabis in Pakistan since it comes from dried and shredded leaves of the cannabis sativa plant. The overuse and abuse of cannabis can have adverse affects on one’s mental and physical capabilities. It tends to cloud one’s judgement, making them lose any ambition or will power. Let us take a look at how an addict can stop smoking weed.

Will Power for Withdrawal Symptoms

Will power is the main thing that helps with overcoming withdrawal symptoms. Granted, it is easier said than done. Here’s why; THC from the weed is stored in your body. Even after your last smoke, it is slowly released into the bloodstream. Furthermore, it is also stored in the brain. This means that you may physically and mentally crave weed, even days after you quit smoking. To be able to stay away from it for good, you need to tell yourself that it is not your lack of will that is tempting you to have some. In fact, it is your body that has not gotten used to the absence of weed, which is why it might take some time before the cravings pass. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that you do not stop smoking gradually, but stop once and for all if you are truly determined to quit.

Medical Help

Reaching out to a doctor for help with addiction can be tricky. What you need to remember here is that the right doctor is more important than the right medication. This is because there has yet to be a true approved medication for cannabis addiction. Certain supplements may be taken to curb the THC cravings, but what most helpful doctors would provide would be advice and counselling references. The problem is that not all doctors in Pakistan are always understanding. Therefore, be aware that your condition may be met by criticism, judgement, or simply non-seriousness.


Psychotherapy, or talking to a psychiatrist, is an effective way to help overcome weed addiction. Talking helps you receive professional help regarding how you should go about the quitting process. It helps you overcome urges in the now, and channel your energy more positively. Furthermore, the psychiatrist attempts at getting to the underlying problem of how the addiction began. This can help bring out suppressed feelings and emotions to the surface. Therefore, sometimes all it needs is an understanding and supportive ear for one to feel motivated and regain confidence about taking on a major task.


A more intense solution for dealing with addiction is also present. Rehab is usually for those who feel like they may not have any more options left. When a habit starts to take its toll on your health, you know that drastic measures are needed. Rehab requires absolute commitment, in terms of time, money and effort. In most cases, jobs, school and social life may need to be left behind for a while in order to be admitted into rehab. Furthermore, there are several rehabilitation centers in Pakistan such as Emaan clinicWilling Ways, and Edhi foundation, among several more.

Support from Loved Ones

The first step in order to quit is to come clean about your addiction to your family and close friends. Addiction is a major problem and involves several mental and physical hurdles to overcome. Not involving loved ones can make you feel isolated and alone and may in fact, revert you back to smoking. Moral support has always been a major factor in boosting confidence and reviving a positive attitude. Therefore, don’t hesitate to share as much as you can with those who care for you. However, it is equally important to differentiate between those who are a positive influence on you and those who aren’t. Avoid the company of those who smoke, or may have encouraged you to smoke.


Divert yourself from smoking triggers. To do so, it is best to focus on a new activity or several activities. This distracts you from smoking and will help you channel thoughts, emotions and energy into something new. Engage in outdoor activities as well as indoor. Keep your mind focused by reading books, watching movies or playing board games with friends. Keep your body active by running, jogging, swimming or even simply taking a stroll in the park, to allow that fresh oxygen to reach your brain. This will help you think positively, creatively, and from a new perspective.

In conclusion, it is never too late, nor is it impossible for any individual to quit a bad habit in order to start a good one. Moreover, never lose faith and seek spiritual guidance by praying and meditating.