Written by Pliro
Aug 4, 2016 Last updated: Nov 13, 2018

When it comes to outward physical appearance, people tend to gravitate more towards quick and short term solutions that they can purchase off the counter to feel better about themselves. For teeth, people use strips or lasers that claim to give them the ‘Perfect Pearly Whites’. And of course, let’s not forget braces. What people tend to forget is that with regular checkups at the hospital, they can avoid all these artificial methods and go straight for the healthy alternative of having naturally good physical features. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to prepare for a visit to the dentist and book an appointment as regularly as possible to avoid serious dental disorders.

  • Checkup of Teeth, Neck and Head
    Along with the teeth, regular dental checkups will also give you an update on the health of your gums, throat and tongue. Tonsil infections or vitamin deficiencies may be detected and even serious problems such as signs of gum disease or oral cancer may be cured if removed at an early stage by a dentist. According to OralB, it is important to visit the dentist every six months since “regular dental visits are essential for the maintenance of healthy teeth and gums”.
  • Removal of Tartar or Plaque
    Basic tooth care involves checking for cavities which may occur due to the presence of plaque, a sticky white layer of bacteria that forms on your teeth due to lack of cleaning and eating the wrong foods, resulting in severe pain. If plaque is detected early, it may be removable by brushing and flossing but if it turns into tartar, it becomes hard to remove. According to dentists, “If plaque and tartar build up on your teeth, they can cause oral diseases”.
  • Professional Cleaning
    One of the most crucial steps at the dentist is the cleaning which is essential towards maintaining healthy gums and teeth as well as preventing cavities. It may or may not include whitening but that in itself is an obvious bonus. The cleaning comprises of certain steps that you may not be able to perform at home without the help of a dentist. If cavities are detected, a method called ‘Scaling’ uses special tools to remove tartar. After that, the teeth are polished and flossed by the dentist to ensure that all the hard work has been sealed for a good amount of time before the next visit arrives.
  • Helpful Advice
    As with any health checkup, the dentist will give you health tips on how to take care of your teeth at home and how to carry out certain steps in ways that may be different than you are used to doing them. It is important not just to rely on checkups but to also make sure that the teeth are healthy and well maintained throughout the year. For that, certain health tips and tricks may be handy, such as the number of times that the teeth should be brushed, which brush, paste or floss to use, how to use it properly etc.

In order to maintain not just a temporarily clean, but a permanently healthy smile, it is important to understand how visiting the dentist may have a great impact on the teeth as well as the overall health of the mouth, neck and head. It also ensures peace of mind since you are able to avoid pains, expensive surgeries and extreme health complications due to ignorance and carelessness that can be taken care of by simply visiting the dentist once every six months. Hence, book your appointment with a dentist for free right now!